Cycling Safety Tips for Parents to Teach Their Children

Kids Riding Their Bikes to SchoolIf you’re a Clearwater area parent, chances are good that your children ride bikes. Bicycling is popular with kids everywhere, especially in locations like beautiful, sunny Florida, where the weather allows for year-round, outdoor fun.

There is always the possibility for a bicycle accident where children and bikes are involved. While many parents have heard heartbreaking stories of child bike accidents, they may not be aware of all the ways to prevent a bicycle accident.

By providing basic equipment and proper Florida bicycle safety guidance, your children can pursue their love of bicycling with a new found awareness. Meanwhile, you can feel confident that you did your part to decrease the likelihood of injury to your child in a bicycle accident.

Benefits of Bicycling For Children

Bicycling is a great activity for children and families, and is beneficial in multiple ways.

Bicycling helps children to:

  • build muscle tone;
  • improve endurance and stamina;
  • practice balance and coordination skills; and
  • burn calories.

Bicycling is also an eco-friendly method of transportation. Families that choose to use bicycles instead of the family car are doing a good deed for the planet.

Best of all, bicycling offers children a unique sense of freedom and fun. Some of your children’s best memories can be made while bicycling.

How to Reinforce Florida Bicycle Safety for Children

Children can learn Florida bicycle safety the same way they learned how to master the basics of riding a two-wheeler: through good guidance and regular practice.

Be open and honest with your kids about the dangers of careless bicycling and the importance of safe biking habits in your Clearwater community. Use age-appropriate instructions and confirm that your kids understand you. Ask them to demonstrate their knowledge of Florida bicycle safety skills and observe them while they’re riding.

There are many ways to make Florida bicycle safety a priority while keeping the biking experience fun for your children. Remember that your children are watching you. If you ride a bike, be sure to model good bicycle safety practices. Your kids will likely follow your lead.

Florida Requires Children to Wear a Bike Helmet

A helmet is one of the most important elements of Florida bicycle safety for children. The state of Florida requires children to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, and parents are required to make sure that their kids comply with the law.

Proper helmet fit is essential for adequate protection in the event of a bicycle accident. Ask your local bike shop or search the Internet for instructions on how to properly choose and adjust a child’s bike helmet.

Bicycle Safety Gear for Children

It’s also a good idea for children to wear knee and elbow pads when riding. For a quick pedal around the block, most any shoes will do, but if your child is going on a longer bicycle ride, a good pair of sneakers works best. A flimsy sandal or plastic clog can make pedaling awkward, reduce reaction time and contribute to an accident.

Florida children who cycle on roads with other vehicles need to wear bright clothing and reflectors so motorists can easily see them.

Bicycle Fit and Maintenance

A child should be on a bike that is appropriate for his or her size. Bicycles that are too small or too large for the child can be hard to maneuver and may contribute to an accident.

Your child’s bike needs regular care and maintenance in order to work properly. A child who rides a poorly maintained bike is at an increased risk for a Clearwater bicycle accident.

How to Enforce Safe Bicycling Behavior for Your Child

A bicycle accident can occur when a child rides on a road with traffic before they are ready. Each child is unique, and Florida parents should be realistic when assessing their child’s readiness for any new situation.

You can prepare children for riding in traffic by teaching practices such as:

  • hand signaling;
  • obeying traffic signals;
  • keeping to the right side of the road; and
  • approaching intersections with caution.

Many serious bicycle accidents occur when children engage in unsafe behavior. Children are naturally adventurous and some (boys in particular) enjoy risk-taking.

Always make sure your children know the serious consequences of daredevil antics. Encourage them to use their common sense and avoid unsafe bicycling, regardless of what their peers are doing.

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