Florida Cyclists Recommended These Group & Club Rides

In September 2019, Jim Dodson Law had a Facebook contest that Florida cyclists entered by describing their favorite places to ride. The winner was announced on October 31st. We asked people to contribute some thoughts about their ride entries and gave them four categories of places where they had ridden: parks and trails, group rides, sponsored cycling events, and other favorite rides. Here are the entries, along with the actual comments provided by each participant. We hope this information inspires you to try a ride you’ve never previously experienced. We also complied all the favorite places to ride in an eGuide that you can download for free. Get your copy of the Best Rides by Friends of The Florida Bike Guy.

Best Florida Bicycle Club & Group Rides

Club: Seminole Cyclists in Lake Mary, Seminole County, Florida. TnT Tuesday and Thursday Ride, 6 p.m.
“It’s like a local Circuit Race. Four laps, so that if you get dropped, you can catch back on the next loop. It’s a great training ride.”
“It’s for experienced riders only. A no-drop ride. It’s approximately twenty miles of high intensity riding. Speeds often exceed thirty mph. Group size ranges from only a handful in bad weather to thirty or more. It is very competitive; frequently racers or racer wannabes will employ team tactics such as attacks, blocking, lead out trains, with a clear finish line at the end. It starts at the northeast corner of SR 46A and International Pkwy, in Lake Mary, Florida (northwest corner of the shopping center).”

The Wednesday Morning D2 Cycles Ride from Sanford, Florida Through Rural Seminole and Volusia Counties
“It’s a fast twenty-eight miles on the scenic north side of Lake Monroe, traversing some quiet roads covered with the canopy provided by old oaks, cypress, and palm trees.”
“It’s an A-level fast ride, usually with a group of six to ten skilled riders. The ride is an out-and-back morning route departing and returning to the D2 shop in Sanford, Florida.”

Club: Capital City Cyclists. Chaires Ride in Tallahassee in Leon County, Florida
“I can ride from home.”
“Moderately hilly road ride. Starts from the Chaires Community Center.”

Club: Coastal Cruisers in North Port in Sarasota County. Coastal Cruisers North Port on Thursdays
“Very likeable fellow cyclists familiar with paceline etiquette and paceline safety. Everyone takes their turn pulling. Challenging yet achievable paces. Optional sprints. Low vehicular traffic over the course of forty-one-plus miles.”
“Good turnouts from just a couple dozen in summer to over 100 during the season.”
“Multiple pace groups to choose from. Begins at Dallas White Park in North Port every Thursday morning.”

Club: Winter Springs Cycling in Winter Springs, Seminole County, Florida. Winter Springs, a Saturday Ride
“Fastest group ride in CFL. It’s an excellent workout for building strength and speed. A solid group of guys shares the work; they are always welcoming to new riders for the sixty-one miles from Winter Springs to Fort Christmas and back. It averages 24–25 mph. There are two to three sprint zones, depending on the turnout. One SAG at the halfway point at Ft. Christmas. It starts at 7:25 a.m. at Winter Springs Town Center.”

Club: Village Idiots. Muffin Run in Sarasota County, Florida
“It’s a good distance and is sponsored by our club, but anyone is welcome. So there are always new riders showing up. We start at the sailor statue in downtown Sarasota and ride to the end of Ana Maria Key. Then we stop at a store that serves muffins to refuel and replenish our bottles and ride back. It’s a great ride of approximately forty miles.”

Club: Everglades Bicycle Club. Homestead to Key West in Miami-Dade County, Florida
“It’s a good, diverse group of people from around the country who enjoy awesome water views on a challenging but doable route.”

Club: Real Bikes, Englewood, Florida. A Shop Ride on Saturday Mornings
“Experienced riders going the same weekly route at fast speeds.”
“This is a fast ride for experienced riders from Englewood to Rotonda and back.”

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