What You Need to Know about Florida Grocery Store Slip and Fall Injuries

Employee Cleaning the Floor of a Grocery Store

Modern food and grocery stores are marvels of variety and eye popping displays. They are filled with all types of produce and grocery items from around the world. Displays are arranged to capture our attention, hold our eye and encourage us to buy. They are also filled with coolers, freezers, and other chemical equipment. They are being resupplied and stocked throughout the day. They’re filled with people moving in and out, often knocking things from shelves onto the floor. In short, they are an environment ripe for causing falls.

Falls commonly result from spilled produce, liquids, food, or leaking fluids and other substances winding up on the floor and remaining there until someone steps into it and winds up on the floor. Many of these substances are hard to see due to their color, which often blends with the floor. Others are overlooked because attention is focused on the items on the shelves.

All too often grocery store falls cause serious neck and back injuries, hip fractures, leg injuries, and permanent nerve damage. They are also the leading cause of brain injuries. Such injuries often require emergency care, surgery, therapy, and long term rehabilitation. They can result in tremendous pain, suffering, scarring, disability, loss of enjoyment of life, as well as lost wages and lost earning capacity.

Responsibility for Supermarket Injuries

In Florida, the property owner may be held responsible for your fall if they fail to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition. The most common occurrence, of course, is the presence of food or other items on the floor of a grocery store. Many times there are no eyewitnesses to establish when or how a substance wound up on the floor.

Careful observation of the size of the spill, the smell of the substance and the condition of the substance which was on the floor may be important factors in showing, indirectly, how long the substance was allowed to remain prior to you encountering it. For instance, if a cooler was leaking slowly, it would take a long time to accumulate a puddle of water three or four feet in diameter. The more information which can be learned about the condition which caused you to fall, the greater the likelihood of your ability to recover against the property owner.

Finding an Attorney for Your Fall

Whether you live locally or out of state, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer experienced in investigating and pursuing slip and fall injuries in grocery stores in the area where you fell. Suing large companies and even local markets is much different than dealing with insurance adjusters for auto collisions.

Further, a local lawyer is better able to investigate the scene, knows Florida laws and has authorization to file a lawsuit in Florida.

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