Florida Backover Accidents

Teenage Driver Backing UpBackover accidents commonly take place in driveways or parking lots. A sad and preventable tragedy, backover accidents account for 13,000 injuries every year. One of the main contributing factors to backover accidents is the large blind zone behind most vehicles. The average blind zone extends 15-25 feet behind a vehicle making it easy for an inattentive driver to unknowingly backover someone.

As a Florida pedestrian attorney, I am well aware of the risks backover accidents pose on pedestrians. Sadly, 44 percent of back over accidents are children. They are more likely to play around vehicles and might be unaware of when to move if a vehicle is backing out. They are also harder to see, especially if they are playing in the rear blind spot.

Another vulnerable population with respect to backover accidents is the elderly. Because they often have limited mobility they can sometimes be harder to see. They also cannot easily move to avoid a moving vehicle as well as a young adult can. Elderly pedestrians are at a higher risk of injury when they are walking through parking lots. Because Florida is routinely cited as one of the most dangerous states to be a pedestrian, it is important to pay special attention for elderly pedestrians, especially in parking lots.  

The Department of Transportation announced a plan that requires all vehicles to install backup cameras by 2018 to help avoid backup injuries in parking lots and driveways. However, education and awareness about backover accidents will continue to be critical moving forward because older vehicle models will not be required to have rearview cameras installed.

To help avoid backover accidents it is important to always be aware of your surroundings, especially in crowded parking lots or when children are present. If your car has a rearview camera installed, do not become complacent and think that you do not have to look around. Always double check before backing out. If you have children, know where they are before backing up your vehicle to ensure that they are not playing behind your vehicle. Teach them about vehicle safety. Be aware that steep inclines and SUVS increase the rear blind spot and make it harder to see.

Back over accidents are terrible tragedies that target the most vulnerable. We know the overwhelming feelings of loss and tragedy associated with these types of accidents. Selecting the right lawyer can help ease the stress of dealing with doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies. 

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