Our Injury Law Team Understands the Concerns of an Injured Woman

GavelYou need an attorney in whom you can confide during your recovery from a traumatic accident. Whether you were injured in a car crash, bicycle collision, or were struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian, you may be dealing with stresses wholly unique to being female and there isn’t anything more personal than being injured. In these times, an attorney who understands what you are dealing with and how to effectively convey your situation to an insurance company or jury is just what you need.

Simply put, women deal with injuries differently than men; their bodies heal differently, and they may have different concerns after an injury as well. Frankly, certain injuries have different values depending on who suffered them. For example, the value of a stay-at-home mom is incalculable based on an hourly rate because she is not paid for her efforts, although it brings great value to the family and to fill her shoes would be costly. We can calculate the value of your time with your children as it compares to the cost of commercial childcare and housekeeping services so you can be compensated for your time away from home.

Likewise, a large scar across the ankle from surgery will have a substantially different impact for a shoe model than for a truck driver. A surgeon or concert pianist would deal with many more consequences from a broken hand than would an office manager. And an elementary school teacher would have a very different experience dealing with an ostomy bag than someone who works from home.

Older vehicles were designed with men in mind. The crash dummies formerly used in safety tests were modeled after the average male, not the average female, who is generally shorter, lighter and not as muscular. These vehicles present a greater risk for women in a crash as the seatbelt sits higher across the body than designed for optimal safety.

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We pride ourselves on seeing each and every case as being unique and fighting to earn you the compensation you deserve for what has happened. Various studies have analyzed the impact of sex on predisposition to injuries, all with similar results. Women are injured at higher rates than men. But why? Some of the difference has to do with the varying muscular distribution of the female and male bodies, while other differences are due to the positioning of the hip and other joints. These statistics are worth mentioning because oftentimes people in the same collision experience different injuries or only some of the people involved are injured, while others are not. These studies help us support the causative reasoning that a woman could have sustained such injuries although a man in a similar situation may not have.

Below you will find some of the many injuries we view differently:

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