Be Sure to Call the Police After a Florida Car Wreck

People Calling the Police After a Car AccidentWhat do you do if you are hit by a driver who says “no need to call the police” and just wants to exchange information? What if he promises to pay for any damage done? It doesn’t matter whether you were injured in a car accident, struck by a car while crossing the street as a pedestrian or you were hit while riding your bicycle, you should ALWAYS call the police.

Four Reasons To Call the Police After a Traffic Accident

  1. Having the police come to the scene proves the driver was there because he or she will be required to provide their tag, insurance and personal identifying information to the officer. We have had drivers deny ever being involved in an accident because there was no police report and they thought they could avoid insurance rate hikes by denying everything.
  2. A police report requires them to interview the other driver. Having an officer at the scene gives you the best opportunity to get a statement admitting the driver actually caused the accident. The person who caused the accident is most willing to admit their involvement and fault as soon after as it occurs. All too often, after they think about it for days they decide it is not a good idea to admit they made a mistake or weren’t paying proper attention to the road.
  3. While a police report is not admissible in evidence at a civil trial, it is hugely influential to an insurance adjuster evaluating a claim on behalf of the driver who caused the accident. If their insured driver admits fault to the police, they are much more likely to accept responsibility for the accident than if no report is filed and the driver later says it did not happen the way you said it did.
  4. We cannot tell you how often the severity of someone’s injury is not apparent immediately. Don’t assume because you are not in intense pain right after the accident that you were not injured. When you are in shock and your adrenaline is flowing through your body you may not feel pain immediately.  Many injuries get progressively worse in the hours and days after the crash.
  5. Yes, we said four; but we couldn’t let you overlook this reason. Officers are trained to identify drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol; you probably are not. Having an officer at the scene to evaluate the driver’s state at the time of the accident is beneficial to your case because violations of the law are proof of negligence. This could also prevent a drunk driver from getting back on the road after having already caused an accident.

Don’t Allow the Other Driver to Convince You Not to Call the Police

Nothing good comes of it!

You’ve Called the Police, Now What?

Report the accident to your insurance company AND the other driver’s insurance company. You don’t need to give the insurance adjusters a recorded statement, but you do need to tell them you were involved in an accident at a certain place and time and that you are getting medical treatment.

Make sure to get checked out out by a medical professional after your accident if you weren’t taken straight to the emergency department. Your PIP/No-fault insurance will cover up to $10,000 in medical expenses and lost wages if you are treated with 14 days of the accident, so you have no excuse to not get treatment. Simply give the physician’s office your claim number (you will get this from the insurance adjuster when you report the accident) so the office knows to process their billing through your auto insurance.

Have You Been Injured In A Car Accident?

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