Types of Fractured Bones Caused By Serious Accidents

Fractured bones happen frequently in serious car accidents, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, and falls. Fracture is the medical term typically used for a broken bone. A fracture is caused by a force exerted on the bone.

Types of Fractured Bones

The main categories used to describe fractures are displaced, non-displaced, open, and closed fractures.

  • Different Types of Fracture Bone X-raysA displaced fracture is one in which the bone snaps into two or more parts and separates so the two ends are not lined up.
  • A comminuted fracture is one in which the bone is broken into many pieces.
  • A non-displaced fracture is a fracture in which the bone cracks either part way through, but stays in place.
  • A closed fracture is when the bone breaks but there is no puncture or open wound in the skin.
  • An open fracture is one in which the bone breaks through the skin; with an open fracture there is a risk of a deep bone infection.

Fracture Terms

  • Greenstick fracture: an incomplete fracture in which the bone is bent, most often in children.
  • Transverse fracture: a fracture at a right angle to the bone’s axis.
  • Oblique fracture: a curved or sloped fracture break pattern.
  • An impacted fracture: one whose ends are driven into each other, commonly seen in arm fractures in children, sometimes called a buckle fracture.

Which Bones are Most Likely to Fracture in a Car Accident in Clearwater, Florida?

  • Arm fractures account for almost half of all adults’ broken bones and usually occur from a direct trauma or fall.
  • Collarbone (clavicle) fractures usually happen in car accidents.
  • Ankle fractures happen when a foot is twisted or extended in an unnatural way. Surgery may be needed to insert, screws, wires, plates, or rods to hold the bones in place to heal.
  • Foot and toe fractures account for one in ten broken bones.
  • Hand and finger fractures: The human hand is composed of 27 bones. Losing use of your hand can make activities difficult, especially when it’s your dominant hand.
  • A broken leg is a fracture of the femur, tibia, fibula, or patella. A car accident, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident, or serious fall is the most likely cause
  • Nose: A broken nose can become asymmetrical and unattractive and can interfere with breathing. Typically, the injury occurs in car accidents.
  • Jaw: The most common broken facial bone after a broken nose is the jaw. It is also called a mandibular fracture, and is caused by direct trauma.

Fracture Symptoms

Symptoms of a broken bone include

  • Bruising or swelling
  • Deformity in the area of the bone
  • Pain when applying pressure or moving the injured area
  • Loss of function
  • Bone piercing the skin (open fractures)

Fracture Complications

How serious a fracture is depends upon the location and the amount of damage done to the bone and surrounding tissue. Fractures can have serious complications, including damage to blood vessels or nerves, bone infection (osteomyelitis), and infection of the surrounding tissue.

How Long Does it Take a Fracture to Heal?

Healing time depends on the age and health of the patient and the type of fracture. A minor fracture in a child may heal within a few weeks; a serious fracture in an older person may take months.

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