Beware of the Insurance Company. Learn How to Get the Money You Deserve for Your Injury

Money and a gavelWhen you’ve been injured in an accident, your life is turned upside down. You are in pain; maybe you can’t go to work and are worried about the medical bills. All these problems and it wasn’t even your fault! The other guy was the one in the wrong, and you’re the one with the pain.

Clearly, you deserve to be compensated for the losses caused by an accident that was not even your fault. But you have a formidable opponent—the insurance company!

The adjuster for the company who covers the individual who was responsible for the accident has probably tried to contact you already. You are not sure how to handle the adjuster; maybe you’ve even avoided his calls. That’s a good thing, because here’s what you need to know — you don’t have to feel under any pressure to give them information they are asking for – in fact, take your time.

The Inusrance Adjuster is Not Your Friend

The adjuster might seem friendly enough to you. He needs you to believe he is on your side and will try to put you at ease and make you believe there is nothing in this world he'd rather do than help you get some money without delay. And in a sense, he is telling the truth. There is very little that makes an insurance company happier than settling a claim quickly, directly with the injured person who has never negotiated a settlement and has no idea what the claim might be worth. Remember, insurance companies are in business to make huge profits. They save money by settling quick and low before the victim realizes the full extent of the injury, any future consequences of the injury, and what similar injuries often bring in recovery. The adjuster is well-trained and does this every day

Get the Money You Deserve by Knowing Insurance Company Tactics

To avoid making mistakes that might keep you from getting the FULL AMOUNT of money you deserve, it helps to know some things the "friendly" insurance adjuster is likely to do to diminish the value of your claim.

  • Convince you that he or she is there to help and will treat you fairly. Adjusters don’t want you to get a lawyer, because they know it costs the insurance company more to settle cases when the accident victims are represented by a
    personal injury lawyer. The adjuster may even tell you outright that you don’t need a lawyer and getting one will only cost you money. Nothing could be further from the truth!
  • Deny liability. The adjuster will look for any possible argument that the insured was not at fault and that you were either entirely or partially at fault.
  • Get a recorded statement. The adjuster is trained to get a recorded statement that might downplay your injuries or make it appear that you were at least partially responsible for the accident, which will later be used to deny or reduce your claim.
  • Get you to sign a general medical authorization. The adjuster will try to get an authorization that will give them access to the records of any medical provider you’ve ever seen, hoping they can dig out something that may indicate that there was a pre-existing injury.
  • Get you to sign a full release in exchange for a quick settlement. If you do this and then discover that your injuries are more serious than you originally thought and are getting worse instead of better—you’re out of luck. If you’ve signed a legally binding release, you won’t be able to recover any more money, regardless of how bad your injuries turn out to be.

Help from an Experienced Clearwater Injury Lawyer

If you are serious about getting fair and adequate compensation for your serious injuries, the best way to do it is with the help of an experienced Florida accident injury lawyer who has years of experience dealing with insurance companies. Level the playing field by having experience on your side. And the good news is that it costs you nothing to hire a highly experienced lawyer. Florida personal injury attorneys take cases on a contingency fee agreement, so you never have to write a personal check for your legal services. Jim Dodson Law puts our No Fee Promise in writing.

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