Hit by a Car in a Florida Pedestrian Accident Because of a Dangerous Driver Assumption?

Chalk Drawing on the Street of a PedestrianPedestrians have the right away. Absent a few exceptions, this is almost always a fact. Pedestrians don’t hurt cars, but cars can inflict catastrophic injuries on pedestrians.

Pedestrians have to be protected simply because they are absolutely defenseless against a 2 ton automobile. Many Florida pedestrian accidents and fatal injuries occur because all too often drivers make dangerous assumptions behind the wheel.

3 Common Mistakes Made by Florida Drivers Who Hit Pedestrians:

  • Crosswalks only exist where there are clearly marked crosswalk lines. (Note: the majority of crosswalks are unmarked.)
  • A green light means it is always safe to proceed. (Both green lights and right turns on red place a pedestrian in danger, because a driver, intent on turning, doesn’t think to look for someone on foot crossing a road.)
  • Pedestrians can see the vehicle you are in, so the driver assumes it is safe to proceed. (i.e. this is a false assumption – particularly with children, older adults and those with any impairment. In fact, pedestrians often assume the car sees them and will stop.)

I have represented many pedestrians and family members of people who were killed or injured by dangerous driver behavior and assumptions. It is important to understand the underlying causes of such accidents to better help yourself or a loved one deal with the difficult situation and to help spread awareness of the dangers that motor vehicles pose to people.

Have You Been Injured In A Pedestrian Accident?

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