Four Common Signs You Need a Lawyer After a Florida Car Crash

We talk to someone every week who has been injured in a car crash who isn’t sure if they need to hire a lawyer. I would tell anyone who has been involved in a crash involving an injury to call us, but here are four common signs your case requires an attorney:

1) You took an ambulance to the hospital.

Generally people who are transported to the ER after a crash have an injury which is potentially serious. Anyone with a fracture, neck or back pain or a suspected concussion will be transported for evaluation. This is especially true if you were admitted to the hospital from the ER.

2) You were unable to return to work for a week or more.

Injuries serious enough to keep you out of work are a good indication your case requires the help of a lawyer. Being held out on short term basis often develops into injuries which threaten your livelihood or reduce your normal work life expectancy. Your lawyer understands how to recover these losses for you.

3) You are having physical complaints which limit your activities? Do you have a fracture or is your doctor talking about possible surgery?

You are entitled to be compensated when you are unable to return to normal activities. If your doctor expresses concern you will need surgery or if you have been diagnosed with a fracture you need the help of an experienced and qualified accident lawyer you can trust.

4) You felt dazed or “foggy,” were knocked unconscious or you are having any of the signs and symptoms of a concussion.

Don’t let anyone down play the potential harm of losing consciousness or having common symptoms of a concussion after a crash (yes that can mean simply feeling dazed or foggy). Symptoms of a concussion can be life changing. Do not ignore them. You need the help of a lawyer who understands concussions and has written about their devastating long term effects, as well as how a concussion affects the value of your case.

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