How to Determine How Much Money a Florida Car Crash is Worth

Gavel with Money Under ItNo Set Formula

Despite what you might have heard, there is no set formula that lays out what a car accident case or is worth. If you’ve heard your case might be worth two or three times your medical expenses, it’s simply not true!

If you talk to an attorney who tells you what your case is worth before your medical treatment is even completed – head for the door! Here’s the truth: it isn’t possible to know what your case is worth until your medical treatment is completed and it is known how your injury will affect you in the future.

5 Things that Will Affect What your Accident Case Will Be Worth

  1. Is there proof the other driver was clearly at fault?
  2. What injuries did you suffer from the accident?
  3. How much medical treatment will you need to treat your injuries now and in the future?
  4. How much physical and emotional pain and suffering have you endured? Will it continue in the future?
  5. How will the injuries you suffered affect your activities and quality of life in the future?

Now you can see why it’s not possible to say what any car accident case is worth. Each of these things must be known and they are not known right after an accident happens. We work with you to make sure that every fact that will affect the value of your case is fully known. Read on to see another way we help you do just that.

The Value of an Injury Diary

As our client, you will be encouraged to use an Injury Diary created specifically to help you remember and record all the ways your injuries have affected your life. Do all personal injury attorneys in Florida provide helpful tools like this? Probably not. Many let you do this on your own.

Was Your Car Totaled?

If your car was totaled in the accident we have some very important information you should follow so you can get the compensation you deserve. Download our free report, 4 Steps to Handling Your Accident Claim When Your Car is Totaled. In this report you will learn how to handle your own claim, how much compensation are you entitled to receive, and how to negotiate with the insurance adjuster.

Have You Been Injured In A Car Accident?

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