Jim Dodson Joins Bicyclist David Sandman in Plea for “3 Feet Please” Decals on City Vehicles

3 Feet Please stickers on city vehicles would make it safer for bicyclists. When David Sandman was nearly hit by an SUV while riding his bike on Rosery Road, and then nearly hit again on his bike a few days later, he decided that something had to be done to make our roads safer for cyclists.

He had heard of Tallahassee resident Joe Misereck and his “3 feet please” public awareness campaign, designed to get the word out to drivers that Florida law requires that they leave 3 feet clearance when passing a bicycle on the road by having Florida municipalities and public agencies display a “3 feet please” decal on the rear bumper of their vehicles. Sandman proposed the idea at a Largo City Commission meeting on February 7.

The city declined to participate, but Sandman isn’t giving up yet. He’s teaming up with local personal injury lawyer Jim Dodson, who handles bicycle accident cases and is an avid cyclist himself. The two men are going to make another try to convince Largo city officials that the campaign is not only a good idea, but necessary to reduce the number of injuries and deaths to people who use their bicycles to get around, whether for enjoyment or from necessity. Sandman and Dodson will be in the Largo City Manager’s office on Tuesday to once again state their case.

The local bike riding community wishes David Sandman and Attorney Jim Dodson the best of luck.

Jim Dodson
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A Florida injury lawyer, family man and avid cyclist who clients have trusted for over 25 years.