Ten Critical Steps to Take After a Florida Motorcycle Crash

MotorcycleThere is no doubt that riding a motorcycle can be quite enjoyable, especially with the warm weather in Florida. However, as a motorcycle rider I’m sure you are aware of the dangers you face while sharing the road with other vehicles. All too often, drivers of these vehicles can be negligent and sometimes disrespectful to bikers. Our firm has seen how catastrophic motorcycle crashes can be and how it can dramatically change a motorcyclist’s life.

If you ride a motorcycle in Florida it’s crucial that you know what to do if the worse happens. Below are ten steps we urge you to follow if you have been in a motorcycle accident. Obviously it would be impossible to do each of these things if you have received incapacitating injuries. Still you may be able to direct someone to do them for you.

1) Seek Medical Attention
As with any serious accident, your first concern should be to check for any injuries. If anyone is injured, call 911. Even if you feel fine after the accident, it’s important that you see your doctor. Too often, you may not notice any pain and you might not feel the effects of a serious internal injury for several days.

2) Call the Police
Always call the police. Wait for the police to arrive before leaving the scene. Once they have arrived, file a report and state what happened during the accident.

3) Take Photographs and Video of the Scene
If you are able to, take photos and video of the scene before the authorities arrive. Be sure to capture the license plate numbers of all the vehicles involved, street and traffic signs, position of the vehicles, damage to all the vehicles, skid marks, road conditions, and any injuries you might have.

4) Exchange Information with Driver
Record the driver’s name, phone number and insurance information.

5) Talk to Witnesses
If there are witnesses, get their account of what happened. Take down their names and contact information.

6) Don’t Admit Fault
After an accident, it’s common for people to be shocked and confused. So often, people are tempted to apologize even when it wasn’t their fault. After such a traumatic event, you might not be able to recall every detail until hours or even days later. Remember to be careful about what you say at the scene as it could cause some issues with your claim.

7) Keep all your Damaged Gear
Be sure to keep your damaged bike, your helmet and any other motorcycle equipment you were wearing, including your clothing. All of these items could be valuable to your claim.

8) Keep Copies of All Your Medical Records
Keep a folder of medical information you receive and insurance Explanations of Benefits forms. Your lawyer will obtain all needed medical records from each provider on your behalf.

9) Call Your Insurance Company
Be sure to call your insurance company as soon as possible. Not doing so could prevent you from recovering a fair compensation. If the other driver’s insurance company calls, tell them you will have your attorney call them. Do not let them talk you into a recorded statement!

10) Don’t Accept a Settlement Offer Until You Have Called Experienced Motorcycle Attorney
If you’ve been seriously injured, we encourage you to call an attorney who has experience handling Florida motorcycle accident cases. It doesn’t cost you anything to call an attorney.

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