Jacob ~ Recipient of the Jim Dodson Law Scholarship for Brain Injury Victims & Their Caregivers

JacobIn my nine-year career as a United States Army Infantryman, I sustained many life-changing injuries. Later in 2015, I was faced with a devastating reality that I would no longer be able to serve in the United States Army. After being medically retired, I was lost and looking for a purpose that was fulfilled by my duties as a non-commissioned officer.

Because of multiple traumatic brain injuries, I resisted attending college for many years. Nonetheless, I have discovered that it is the only path to my goals of working in a meaningful field, as I did in the United States Army. While serving, I sustained two serious brain injuries resulting in severe intellectual and cognitive struggles. In 2009, I was participating in a parachuting exercise at Fort Bragg, North Carolina where I suffered an equipment failure. It resulted in a 500-foot descent with no lift capability from my parachute, a broken back, pelvis, severe ligament tears in my knee, and traumatic brain injury. I was determined to recover and continue with my career.

In 2012, while serving as a vehicle commander and rifle team leader in Paktika Provence, Afghanistan, I struck an improvised explosive device. This additionally produced devastating results – a broken neck, a perforated lung, broken ankle, crushed frontal sinus, and an additional traumatic brain injury. Due to these injuries, my abilities have been hindered, but I have been able to maintain a steadfast determination.

Having spent years in therapy with outstanding and caring medical professionals, I have determined that the best way to show my appreciation for the support I have received, is to pursue a career as a registered nurse. I have the utmost respect for individuals in the field of nursing and hope to be an asset to their ranks. The academic load and challenge of the nursing program at the State College of Florida are what I truly need. I have noticeably improved my neural plasticity since starting school in the fall of 2017. I hope to apply to the SCF nursing program in the spring of 2019, provided I earn the grades to be accepted.

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