Jim Dodson, a Longtime Supporter of Young Life

Jim Dodson has had a long time commitment to helping youth in our community. For more than twenty years, he has been actively involved in working with incarcerated teenagers through the Pinellas Marine Institute in St. Petersburg and, later, at the southern Hillsborough County based Youth and Environmental Services, in Wimauma. He and other members of a non-denominational men’s morning Bible study shared not only God’s word from scripture, but a genuine concern for the direction and purpose of the lives of these young men.

It was through his involvement with these two programs that Jim was led to a relationship and friendship with one of the officers of the Young Life Organization. Becoming involved with Young Life was a natural course for Jim to take.

As a result, for many years, he has been an active supporter of this ministry, including their summer camp program. Young Life is a wonderful organization whose leaders and participants care about young people. The organization’s mission is centered on building relationships with kids right where they are in their lives. By demonstrating a belief in these young men and women, they, in turn, are then able to begin to see their lives as having greater meaning and purpose.

Jim firmly believes all kids need to have the best opportunity to reach their full potential. He is grateful to be able to support and to be a part of Young Life’s worthwhile work in our community.

Jim Dodson
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