Jim Dodson Law Encourages Students, School Faculties and Families to Participate in Walk to School Day


CLEARWATER, FL, Oct. 2, 2013— Across the country, students, school faculties, and families will be participating in Walk to School Day on Oct. 2. The day is set aside to teach children the importance of safety while walking to school.

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) founded the well-known event in 1997 with one school. It is now celebrated in more than 1,500 U.S. schools and in over forty countries. Children are taught how to safely cross traffic and read traffic signals. Walk to School Day also educates children on the positive benefits of physical activity.

Yearly, Walk to School Day participants have a chance to help their local community. Pedestrian attendees have influenced the addition of traffic safety signs, crossing guards, sidewalks and pedestrian paths for walkers in their area.

“I encourage everyone to participate in Walk to School Day. It is important the leaders of tomorrow know how to safely navigate traffic. We’re all pedestrians at some point,” said safety advocate and Clearwater accident attorney, Jim Dodson.

Jim Dodson Law is partnering with SRTS this fall to assist with their bike rodeos at local southwest Florida elementary schools. The Clearwater based law firm will be passing out free bike helmets and educating students on how to walk and bike safely to school and back.

Jim Dodson has been representing bike and pedestrian accident victims for over 25 years. Jim is a safety advocate and promotes traffic safety education for children.

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