Jim Dodson Law’s “Bikes for Kids” for Christmas Gives New Wheels to Deserving Kids

“Bikes for Kids” for Christmas

Many of us, fortunately, have special childhood memories of receiving a new bicycle. At Jim Dodson Law, we believe there’s only one thing better than getting a new bike – and that’s giving one! Just ask Jim. “It’s so rewarding to see the smiles on the kids’ faces. Last year, there wasn’t a dry eye in the shop when the children hopped on their new wheels – and the tears were from the adults!”

The “Bikes for Kids” program was started about two years ago when Jim became aware of children, through a ministry in his church, who were deserving of new bikes, but whose families did not have the resources to provide them – easy to understand in today’s economy. Jim went in search of a local bike shop who would partner with him to make this all happen. That was the beginning of “Bikes for Kids” for Christmas. Each year, new bicycles are given to 5 deserving kids, under the age of twelve years, who have been nominated by a family member or friend who shares their special story.

The “Bikes for Kids” program not only promotes bike safety by including a bike lock, custom fitted helmet and tips to the kids from Jim, for riding safely, but it also provides a group of deserving kids with hope and a lot of fun!

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