Meaningless Lawyer Ads and Some Better Ways to Find the Right Lawyer

Exit Highway Sign that Says Legal SystemIf you’ve been injured in an accident, you may want to consult a personal injury lawyer but aren’t sure how to find the right lawyer for your accident or injury case. Lawyer ads are everywhere—billboards, bus stops, radio, TV, and especially those big spreads in the Yellow Pages. How to choose?

Well, you might not want to turn to the ads for help. They all sound about the same, and none of them tell you anything about the lawyer’s qualifications, who in the office will handle your case, what results the lawyer has achieved for clients on the past, what judges and other attorneys have to say about the lawyer, how quick the lawyer is to return calls, how many cases the lawyer has tried to a jury, what the lawyer has published, and on and on and on.

Here's What Most Lawyer Ads Will Say to Fool You

  1. “50 years of combined experience.” Does the firm have two lawyers with 25 years of experience or 50 lawyers with one year each?
  2. “No fee unless you win.” A contingency fee arrangement is the way it’s done in personal injury law—by all PI lawyers. So what else is new?
  3. “We are aggressive.” Many injury lawyers claim in their ads to be “aggressive.” The fact that an advertisement says a lawyer is aggressive doesn’t make it so. It is a meaningless term. Aggressive at what?
  4. “Call 1-800- FIND A LAWYER.” If you call this number, do you really think you’ll be speaking to a lawyer? These calls go to a call center. The person who answers the phone may never have graduated from high school and probably knows nothing about the qualifications of the lawyer whose name popped up on the rep’s computer screen, except for the fact that the lawyer’s credit card went through to pay to be listed on the referral service.

Not too informative, right?

Strategies on How to Find the Right Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Case

  1. Ask another lawyer for a referral.
  2. Check how the lawyer is rated by peers at
  3. Go to the lawyer’s website and read about how he or she practices law.
  4. Read a book the lawyer you are considering has written
  5. Make sure the lawyer only accepts personal injury cases.
  6. Call the office. Does the lawyer return your call promptly? Answer your questions in a straightforward manner. Make you feel comfortable?
  7. Ask about previous settlement results, actual trial experience, whether the lawyer will personally handle your case.

If you follow these steps and you like what you learn, chances are you will end up with the right injury lawyer and one who will get the best possible results for you.

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