6 Common Types of Florida Motorcycle Crashes Caused By Negligent Drivers

Motorcycle CrashThere are several different types of motorcycle accidents that occur in Florida. Each one is very unique and personal to the rider who was hit by a negligent driver. Being aware of the most common types of crashes and how they can occur will help you anticipate the behavior of the drivers on the road. Jim Dodson, a motorcycle accident lawyer has been representing motorcyclists for over 25 years.

Six Common Types Of Motorcycle Collisions

1) Left-Hand Turn Accidents

A motorcycle accident caused by a vehicle turning left is the most common cause of motorcycle accidents. These typically occur when a motorcyclist is riding through an intersection and the driver of the vehicle coming from the opposite direction turns into the rider’s path. The smaller size of a motorcycle makes it less visible and the driver proceeds with the turn causing a collision.

2) Rear-End Accidents

When a motorcyclist is hit from behind the injuries sustained can be quite devastating. Typically, these crashes occur at stop signs, crosswalks and intersections.

3) Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions, sometimes referred to as wrong way crashes, are among the most deadly types of vehicle accidents for all motorists. However, motorcyclists are at a much greater risk because they lack the protection and safety features that vehicles have. 56% of fatal motorcycle accidents involve a collision between a vehicle and a motorcycle. 78% of these are caused by a head-on collision. Many times these types of crashes involves a driver who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

4) Lane Changing Accidents

About 9% of all vehicle accidents are caused by a driver changing lanes. One of the common causes of this type of accident is the failure of the driver checking for blind spots. Motorcyclists are harder to see on the road than a vehicle which makes them more vulnerable of getting hit when a car is changing lanes.

5) T-Bone Crashes

T-bone accidents most commonly occur at intersections when one driver is going straight through and the other is turning. One example would be when a driver runs a red light or ignores a stop sign colliding with the motorcyclist turning. Many times this happens because motorists inaccurately judge the speed the biker is going. Very serious injuries can result with this type of accident including head and spinal cord injuries, broken bones and even death.

6) Dooring Accidents

When a driver has parked their car they aren’t always paying attention before opening their door. Unfortunately, drivers don’t always see a biker coming from behind before they open their door. These types of accidents typically occur in more urban areas where there is parking on the street.

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