Pain and Suffering is a Legitimate Part of a Florida Pedestrian Injury Claim

Pedestrian Caution Sign at NightAccident damages are not limited to medical expenses and lost wages. In some cases after a pedestrian accident, you may be able to seek non-economic damages through a Florida personal injury claim. Non-economic damages are those that can’t be quantified through bills, receipts or other documentation. They cover things like physical and emotional pain and suffering.

Because there is no quantifiable data to work from, your personal injury attorney will have to find other ways to demonstrate the extent of your damages in this area. Your attorney may call on the testimony of various specialists to show just how your life will be impacted.

These specialists may include medical professionals, therapists, pain clinicians and psychologists. In some cases, your personal injury attorney may feel that it is appropriate to use the testimony of your family and friends.

A pedestrian accident is a traumatizing event, both physically and emotionally. Your injury claim should account for all types of damages in order to reach a fair and complete settlement. If in the course of the Florida personal injury claims process you may feel that some of your damages are being overlooked, talk to your personal injury attorney about what is necessary in order to prove such losses.

Have You Been Injured In A Pedestrian Accident?

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