Pedestrian Injury Crashes Increase in Pinellas County, Florida as Distracted Driving Increases

Man texting while driving Jim Dodson LawIt makes perfect sense that as distracted driving increases by drivers in Pinellas County, Florida, there has been an increase in pedestrian accidents. This is a disturbing but predictable trend. Over the last few years drivers have become increasingly distracted by their devices. Whether they are texting, checking an email or programming their maps app, they are increasingly taking their eyes off the road. It may take a driver three or four seconds simply to unlock their device in order to retrieve or send information. Their vehicle may travel a tremendous distance in that time while it drifts left or right out of their lane. The problem is even more acute with younger drivers who are inexperienced behind the wheel and increasingly saturated in the culture of their devices.

The Dangers Posed By Distracted Drivers in Florida

Data from Forward Pinellas indicates during the period of 2011 through 2015 motor vehicle crashes increased by 48% with pedestrian crashes going up 25%. Unfortunately, many pedestrians are unaware of the danger posed by these distracted drivers. We face a disturbing reality of drivers who regularly drive through lighted pedestrian crosswalks. Our local law enforcement agencies monitor some of these intersections as time permits because of the serious implications of drivers who fail to stop at even illuminated high visibility crosswalks, a most basic driver responsibility. Driving through a lighted pedestrian crosswalk is a recipe for disaster.

The issue of distracted driving is much broader, however. A distracted driver will never recognize or avoid a pedestrian who may be making a mid-block crossing at a place the driver might least expect them. Nor will a distracted driver likely recognize or avoid a pedestrian walking along the edge of a roadway at a place where no sidewalks are provided. These situations are even more perilous after dark.

Have You Been in a Florida Pedestrian Accident & Need Help?

If you have been injured or a loved one has died in a pedestrian crash you may be overwhelmed with questions and the advice of well meaning friends. You may have no idea how Florida’s no-fault laws may impact your case or the case of a loved one. The prospect of paying medical or funeral expenses you least expected may be keeping you awake at night. You may just need the comfort of learning what your choices are going forward.

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