What are the Most Dangerous Roads in Pinellas County?

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US 19 has time and again been awarded the title of the most dangerous road in Pinellas County. It is home to 8 of the 25 most crash prone intersections in Pinellas, all of them are located in the stretch from Clearwater to Palm Harbor.

I-275 and Ulmerton Road are not far behind. There are more traffic related deaths on these three roads than any others in the county. The many lanes of traffic intersecting at high speeds are a deadly combination.

Pedestrians are at particularly high risk for death in the event of an accident. These roads all have speed limits of 40 mph or greater. At that speed, 85% of pedestrians are killed when struck by a motor vehicle. Bring the speeds down to 30 mph and 45% are still killed in a collision with a car.

Top 25 Most Crash Prone Intersections

  • US 19 and SR 584/Tampa Rd
  • US 19 and SR586/Curlew Rd
  • I-275 and SR 687/4th Street N
  • I-275 and 22nd Ave N
  • US 19 and Alderman Rd
  • SR 686/SR688/Ulmerton Rd and 34th Street N
  • I-275 and 38th Ave N
  • Alt. US 19/ Seminole Blvd and Park Blvd N
  • US 19 and Nebraska Ave
  • I-275 and SR 600. Gandy Blvd
  • I-275 and 54th Ave N
  • I-275 and SR 686/ Roosevelt Blvd
  • SR 586/Curlew Rd and  CR 611/McMullen Booth Rd
  • SR 688/Ulmerton Rd and CR 611/49th Street N
  • CR 1/Starkey Rd and SR 694/Park Blvd
  • SR 584/Tampa Rd and Forest Lakes Blvd
  • US 19 and Klosterman Rd
  • CR 1/Starkey Rd and CR 296/Bryan Diary Rd
  • SR 686/Roosevelt Blvd and CR 611/49th Street Rd
  • I-275 and SR 688/Ulmerton Rd
  • US 19 and SR 688/Ulmteron Rd
  • SR 580/66th Street and 54th Ave N
  • US 19 and Republic Dr/Hammock Pine Blvd
  • SR 693/66th Street and 54th Avenue N
  • US 19 and Belleair Rd

This data was compiled by SunStar Paramedics.

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