Unsafe Big Box Store Bicycle Assembly May Cause Serious Injury

I was talking recently to a new client who had been injured in a bicycle crash. This person was explaining this had not been their first bike related injury. Several years before, they had purchased their first bicycle from a big box retailer. When this person rode it the first time the handbrake malfunctioned and they were thrown over the handle bar and suffered a serious brain injury.

Some Retailers Slap Bikes Together in the Warehouse

Dangerous of Big Box Assembled Bicycles Jim Dodson Law

The conversation pointed out one of the dangers of buying a bicycle from a typical big box retail store with no professional bike experience. Bicycles do not arrive at any retailer fully assembled. The seller typically is responsible for doing so. They frequently have no one on their staff properly trained in putting a bicycle together. Often, these retailers have some kid in the back trying to figure out how they go together. They may have no clue which way a handle bar goes on, how much to tighten parts like a seat post or how a brake assembly works.

Dangerous Bicycle Assembly Happened to Us, It Can Happen to You

In our office we give bicycles away every year and always purchase them from a bike shop we know and trust. Once we needed a bike they could not obtain when we needed it and we resorted to one of these big box store bikes. When we picked it up it didn’t look right to us and we had the bike shop check it over before we intended to give it away. Sure enough, it had not been assembled correctly and could have been dangerous. We were fortunate.

Carelessly Assembled Bicycles Are Dangerous

Even an inexpensive bicycle can be extremely dangerous to ride if not properly put together. Carelessly assembled bicycles can be found in those purchased for both children and adults. Imagine buying a bike for a child only to have it malfunction resulting in a serious child injury. Problems have been reported involving parts not being fully tightened or put together improperly, like pedals, handlebars, seat posts, front wheels, or training wheels. Any of these can cause serious injury if they fall apart unexpectedly. There is also potential danger in more complex assemblies on 10 or 21 speed road bikes with more complex components. These are easy to screw up.

We Represent Victims of Negligent Bicycle Assembly

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident caused by an incorrectly assembled product there are steps you need to take to preserve the bike and its components. You may be wondering if you have a case or whether you should hire a lawyer. We want to make it easy for you to get the answers you need. We will tell you if you don’t need a lawyer. Please contact us online or call the office directly at 888-207-0905.

Don’t worry, you will never be billed to discuss your case and there are no lawyer fees unless you win your case. 


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