Roundabouts in The Villages are a Special Hazard For Cyclists

Roundabout in The Villages Jim Dodson LawRoad cycling within The Villages has some very unique advantages and as well as some unique dangers. On the positive side are the miles of streets and roads covering a vast area. Many roads have bicycle lanes or multi-modal lanes which afford someone on a bicycle the opportunity to be out of the direct lane of vehicular traffic. Multimodal lanes must be shared with the tens of thousands of golf carts which are an integral part of The Villages lifestyle.

Roundabouts in The Villages, Florida

The Villages is unique in the number of roundabouts they have constructed in order to enhance the flow of traffic at intersections. The main thoroughfare connecting most roundabouts in The Villages is Buena Vista Boulevard. Buena Vista Blvd. does not have bicycle lanes along its route. Cyclists choosing to ride on Buena Vista are riding alongside vehicle traffic.

All of the roundabouts on Buena Vista Blvd. contain two lanes. Navigating them safely in an automobile or other vehicle requires special attention and an understanding of the rules of the road. Frankly, many drivers are unaware of how to safely navigate these roundabouts or they are otherwise inattentive behind the wheel.

For instance, before entering each roundabout is a road sign graphic explaining where turnouts are permitted by drivers. When a driver enters a two lane roundabout they are not permitted to exit on the first intersecting road to the right if they are in the inside lane. Despite this, many drivers do so. This is particularly dangerous for cyclists proceeding in the same direction to the right of a vehicle.

As a driver approaches a roundabout they must be particularly aware of cyclists proceeding in the outside lane who are not intending to turn right onto the road occupied by the approaching vehicle. This requires that the driver be observant of vehicles coming from their left, but also of cyclists proceeding across the driver’s intended path. For some reason, drivers too often seem oblivious to cyclists passing through the roundabout right in front of them.

In addition, drivers intending to take the second, third or fourth exit out of a roundabout tend to drive directly into the inside lane as they enter the intersection. This puts a cyclist in peril if they have taken the inside lane into which the driver moves.

We have extensive experience handling crashes in which cyclists were injured in various roundabouts on Buena Vista Blvd. We’ve helped injured cyclists who have been injured in each of the situations described above, as well as those injured in a variety of other crash situations within The Villages.

The Roundabouts in The Villages Off Buena Vista Blvd.

  • Buena Vista and East Torch Kale
  • Buena Vista and CR 44A
  • Buena Vista and Hendry Drive
  • Buena Vista and Hillsborough Trail
  • Buena Vista and Evan Prairie
  • Buena Vista and Pinellas Place
  • Buena Vista and St Charles Place
  • Buena Vista and Odell Circle
  • Buena Vista and St Charles Place / Bonita Blvd
  • Buena Vista and Odell Circle / Bailey Trail
  • Buena Vista and Stillwater Trail
  • Buena Vista and Old Mill Road
  • Buena Vista and Lake Minoa / Palmer Way
  • Buena Vista and Rainey Trail
  • Buena Vista and Belvedere Blvd / Winfield
  • Buena Vista and Tall Tree Lane
  • Buena Vista and Glenview / El Camino Real
  • Buena Vista and S. 86th Belle Meade Circle
  • Buena Vista and SE 172nd Legacy Lane
  • Buena Vista and SE Mulberry Lane

Help from an Experienced Bicycle Attorney in The Villages

If you have been injured in a cycling crash in a roundabout, or anywhere, in The Villages you need the help of an experienced cycling attorney. Jim Dodson is not only a highly experienced personal injury attorney with over 25 years of experience helping hundreds and hundreds of clients throughout Florida, he is a cyclist who has ridden these same roads and understands the dangers encountered by recreational cyclists who have been injured while pursuing their passion for cycling. He understands what it means to have your life put in danger by inattentive drivers, to have your bicycle be destroyed and face months of medical treatment and rehabilitation following a crash that was not your fault.

While our main office is located in Clearwater, Jim regularly represents cyclists in The Villages and throughout Florida. It is not necessary to come to our office. Jim will come to you. Call us today at 727-446-0840 to discuss the circumstances of your case and learn for yourself exactly what we can do to help you. There is never a charge to discuss your case and you will never write us a check. Jim is paid only if your case is successful.

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