Scarring and Disfigurement from a Florida Car Crash

Shattered WindshieldCauses of Scarring and Disfigurement

A serious car accident can cause scarring and disfigurement and needs to be included in any claim against the driver who caused the accident. There are a number of different ways that disfiguring injuries happen in a car accident. They may be caused by injuries from the face striking the windshield of the car and shattering the glass, or by any other large cuts or gashes caused by the accident.

A person who is thrown from a vehicle or who has been knocked off a motorcycle or bicycle, or who was hit by a car as a pedestrian often suffers disfiguring injuries, sometimes from road burn when sliding across pavement. If the accident caused a fire, some of the most seriously disfiguring injuries can be caused by burns.

What are Scars?

Scars are areas of fibrous tissue that replaces normal tissue at the site of an injury and is different from normal, uninjured tissue. Scars are less resistant to ultraviolet rays and may lack the hair follicles and sweat glands that are a part of normal skin tissue.

Types of Scars from Car Accident Injuries

  • Keloid scars are large, thick scars that extend beyond the edges of the original injury. Keloids may affect mobility.
  • Hypertrophic scars are red, raised scars at the injury site.
  • Contracture scars are caused by of burns. After a burn, the skin becomes tight and stiff. It may impair mobility in the affected area and may also affect nerves in the area of the burn.

What Kinds of Treatment are Available for Scarring?

Some scars respond to injections or plastic or reconstructive surgery, skin graft surgery, or scar tissue removal surgery. Keloids can sometimes be removed surgically or treated with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy). Other severe scars cause permanent disfigurement. This can result in embarrassment and damage to one’s self-esteem. The emotional anguish caused by scarring and disfigurement often requires psychotherapy to help the victim deal with such a devastating loss.

If you have been injured in a car accident in Florida and have suffered from scarring and disfigurement as a result, an experienced attorney can help you recover for your damages.

A lawyer with experience in handling these types of cases knows that scarring and disfigurement is a serious consequence of the accident, and one that may never go away. The long-term medical and psychological treatment and the emotional anguish that these injuries cause need to be compensated when making a claim against the person who caused the accident.

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