What is Stacked Uninsured Motorist Insurance and Why Should You Have It?

Uninsured Drivers Street SignIn Florida, we need uninsured motorist insurance for protection against millions of drivers who have little or no insurance on their car. Like many clients we’ve helped who were injured in a car accident, maybe you are “in the dark” about UM coverage because your agent never told you about it or mentioned its advantages. Read on.

In Florida, you can select stacked uninsured motorist coverage. For a minimal additional premium, stacked UM actually multiplies the UM amount of insurance you purchase for every vehicle listed on your policy. For example, if you purchase $100,000/$300,000 UM and elect stacked coverage and have two cars on your policy, it effectively becomes $200,000/$600,000 UM… and $300,000/$900,000 with three cars and so on.

How Does Stacked UM Coverage Work?

Stacked UM coverage works in two ways. First, it increases the amount of UM insurance as shown in the examples above. It also provides you with more coverage compared with non-stacked UM. There are times when stacked UM will offer UM coverage when non-stacked does not. For example, if you have stacked UM on one vehicle, it may offer UM coverage on a vehicle (including a motorcycle) you own, but did not insure with UM. This can come up in a variety of circumstances, too numerous to outline here.

Even if you only have one car, stacked UM coverage provides certain benefits not provided with non-stacked coverage.

If you have never heard this from your agent, it may be that many agents don’t quote stacked UM because the premium may be higher if the customer is comparing a quote to another agent who is not including stacked coverage. You need to specifically ask your agent to quote this important coverage.

Free Car Insurance Guide Explains Coverage You Need in Florida

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