The Difference Between the Signs and Symptoms of Concussions

Stethescope with the Word ConcussionSymptoms of concussion usually fall into four categories: thinking/remembering, physical, emotional, and sleep. Below is a brief diagram explaining the categories and their related symptoms.

Concussion symptoms vary and you may feel some or all of these symptoms. However, you might not experience the symptoms right away. While most people’s symptoms go away quickly, it is not uncommon to experience some or all of these symptoms weeks after your accident. Up to 15% of people who suffer a head injury do not recover fully.

It is important to understand that there is a difference between “signs” and “symptoms”. Signs of a concussion infer visible and noticeable signals that a person has suffered a brain injury. Signs are easy to spot. Symptoms, on the other hand, are not readily visible. Symptoms are usually reported by the injured person or by someone who knows them well enough to notice a difference. A person can seem normal, but they might be having a hard time performing their day to day tasks.

Keep in mind that concussions take a toll on the brain with the effects accruing over time. Brain injuries are a process and not an event. What that means is that they don’t happen suddenly and then go away. It might take days or weeks for you to feel the symptoms of your concussion and even longer for your brain to heal.

When you return to your daily activities after an accident you may not have any major deficiencies. Instead, it may be a host of small changes in your ability to process information, recall memories or pay attention to certain tasks. These little differences are often noticed by family members, colleagues and friends before they are noticed by the person actually suffering from the brain injury.

Additional Concussion Signs to Watch for in Athletes

  • Unaware of period, opposition or game score
  • Inappropriate playing behavior, eg. running in the wrong direction
  • Significantly reduced playing ability

If you or someone you love is experiencing the above signs or symptoms after an accident, immediate medical attention is required. Concussions don’t just heal on their own and may have permanent consequences. After you’ve seen a doctor, call us for a free consultation. We have worked with numerous brain injury survivors and their families to recover compensation for their impairment. We look forward to helping you.

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