The American Association for Justice: The Voice of the People

American Association for Justice LogoWe hear politicians bandy about the words “tort reform,” but did you ever actually stop to hear what they’re saying? Tort reform means limiting the rights of the people to be compensated when they have suffered injuries and other losses when it was someone else’s fault. That’s it! Limiting your right to recover for what you’ve lost! Large, powerful insurance companies are profit-oriented: that’s the bottom line. And they pay huge sums to Washington lobbyists to influence legislation in their favor. The people need a voice to help protect their interests. And they have one:

The American Association for Justice is an international coalition of plaintiff’s attorneys, law professors, paralegals, and law students, headquartered in Washington, DC. Founded in 1946, the association provides up-to-date legal knowledge and information to help members better represent the interests of their clients and to give them a voice in the nation’s capital regarding important legislation and policies.

AAJ’s stated purpose is that it “promotes justice and fairness for injured persons, safeguards victims’ rights—particularly the right to trial by jury—and strengthens the civil justice system through education and disclosure of information critical to public health and safety.”

AAJ is a not-for-profit corporation and has provided free legal services for surviving families and other victims of the 9-11 attacks, through its TLC (Trial Lawyers Care) project. TLC also established the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund to assist the collection and distribution of aid to relief organizations in the areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama that were devastated by the hurricane.

The Association conducts state-of the-art trial advocacy seminars for its members and provides its them with regular updates on legal issues, legislation, and decisions that affect their law practice. Armed with the latest information and knowledge, AAJ members are better able to protect the interests of their clients when facing the insurance giants.

Committed to educating the upcoming generation of trial lawyers, AAJ hosts an annual Student Trial Advocacy competition. One of the largest mock trial competitions in the country, it allows law students to hone their skills and practice their craft of trial advocacy before distinguished judges and lawyers.

Jim Dodson is proud to be a part of the AAJ and supports their goals of creating a national environment in which trial lawyers can help people when they need it most.

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