The Importance of Taking Photos After a Florida Car Accident

Taking a picture of a car accidentTaking photographs after a car crash may be the last thing you are worried about doing. Car accidents are stressful enough and your first priority should be to make sure you and the others involved in the crash are ok. Despite the stress and confusion, taking photos of the accident scene will provide the insurance company with evidence that can make the difference in making your claim more successful.

How Photos Can Help Your Florida Car Accident Claim

Taking photos after a car accident in Florida is one of the best ways to preserve evidence. Not only can it help with the accident reconstruction, it can also help prove liability. These photos can paint a picture of what happened in the crash, the contributing factors that led up to it, and the extent of the injuries the victims sustained.

Photos may help your car accident attorney to negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance adjusters who will be investigating your claim. Often times photographs can increase the value of your claim and can help jog your memory. Stressful events like car accidents make it difficult to remember everything. By taking as many photos as possible you can avoid confusion and potential damage to your claim.

General Tips for Photographing a Car Accident Scene

It’s best to get photos of the vehicles before they are towed away. Be sure that the time stamp function on your camera/phone is on. This way each photo will have the date and time it was taken. Take as many photos as possible and if it’s feasible snap two or three photos from the same position just in case the first one is blurry or the lighting isn’t good. If it’s nighttime or the lighting is bad, be sure to turn on the flash.

Tips On What Photos You Should Take at a Florida Car Crash Scene

  1. Take photos of the entire scene. Be sure to step back far enough so you can get the entire area in the frame. Take them from multiple angles until you’ve covered the entire perimeter of the accident scene.
  2. Get pictures of all the vehicles involved in the crash. Take multiple photos of all the vehicles involved and from multiple angles. Get pictures of the entire vehicle, the license plates and any wreckage or debris around the vehicles. Be sure to get close-ups of all the damages to each vehicle (to show the scale of the damage you may place your key in the camera frame). Make sure you take photos of any damage inside the vehicles like deployed airbags, shattered windshields, bloodstains and any other debris or damage that was done.
  3. Photograph all traffic indicators. Be sure you have pictures of all traffic lights, stop signs, yield signs, and any other road markings that are nearby.
  4. Photograph damage to the surrounding area. Take pictures of any damage to street signs, guardrails, light poles, trees or shrubbery.
  5. Photograph the condition of the roads and the surrounding scene. Make sure you get photos of any skid marks and the proximity of them to each of the vehicles involved. Get pictures of any broken glass, damaged car parts and roadside debris around the scene.
  6. Take photos of all the people involved in the accident. With their permission take photos of the other drivers, passengers, witnesses, first responders, and police officers.
  7. Take pictures of the driver’s personal info. If you are able to, get photos of all the drivers’ licenses and insurance cards.
  8. Take Photographs of the weather conditions and visibility. Take photos of the sun, moon, clouds or rain to indicate the time of day and the visibility.
  9. Photograph injuries. Get as many photos of your visible injuries and continue to take them over the course of your recovery making sure you show any bruising, discoloration, swelling and any new injuries that may have developed later. If feasible and consented to do so, take photos of the injuries sustained by the passengers and the other party.

How a Florida Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

In some serious car accidents, the victim will be unable to take photos because of their injuries. If this is the case and no one else at the scene was able to take photos for you, try to take photos of your injuries and the damages to your vehicle.

Whether you have photos of the accident scene or not, there are many other ways to receive the compensation you deserve. Jim Dodson is an experienced car accident lawyer that has been successfully settling car accident cases for over 25 years. If you have any questions, please call our office at 727-446-0840 or start a chat with us online. We are here to help you.


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