What Type of Treatment is Necessary After Sustaining a Concussion?

Concussion treatment will depend on the severity of the injury.Concussion Treatment Varies Greatly Depending on the Stage of the Injury.

The approach taken by doctors months or years after diagnosis of a TBI will be much different from their initial approach. The cause of a concussion, the severity of the injury, and the extent of neurological damage will determine the course of treatment. Usually a series of neurological tests will be administered to get a better cognitive assessment of the impairment resulting from the concussion. The Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT), which is currently in its 3rd revision, and the Romberg test are used to test memory, physical impairments, balance, and concentration.

Most of the time doctors will recommend that patients be awakened every 3-4 hours in the days following the injury to evaluate for possible signs of intracranial bleeding. Patients are also advised to rest and not to attempt any physical or mental activity for a period of time immediately after the concussion. People suffering from a concussion are usually instructed not to read, write, do crossword puzzles or listen to loud music, and must avoid any activity that stimulates the brain.

The Brain Works Like a Muscle. It Needs Rest to Heal Properly

When the brain is stimulated (when you are thinking, looking, reading, listening, etc.) it is essentially exercising. Supervised sleep is sometimes the only thing patients are allowed to do because this is the best way to give the brain a break. It might be a series of days or weeks before patients are allowed to return to regular work or school activities.

Because the symptoms of a concussion might take days or weeks to fully manifest, patients are often discharged from the emergency room with no specific treatment recommendations.

However, receiving specific follow-up care has been proven to reduce the onset of post-concussion syndrome. If you are suspected of having experienced a concussion you should see your primary care physician or a neurologist right away. They will be able to give you lists of specific signs or symptoms to look for in the coming weeks.

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