What Kind of Pedestrian Injury or Death Cases Have We Handled in Clearwater, St. Petersburg or Tampa?

Pedestrian Accidents Jim Dodson LawIf you have been injured as a pedestrian, or if a loved one died in a pedestrian crash in Clearwater, Largo, St Petersburg or Tampa, you may be wondering the types of these cases we have handled in the past. The following represent just some of the circumstances of cases we have handled for our clients:

  1. Our client had been drinking and was crossing Ulmerton Road in Largo at night at a lighted intersection. The evidence indicated he was crossing against the “Do Not Walk” sign when the oncoming traffic had the right of way. The approaching driver maintained he never saw him until it was too late. The pedestrian was killed. This case was settled on behalf of the pedestrian’s Estate for the driver’s policy limits.
  2. We represented the Estate of gentleman who was killed as a pedestrian in St. Petersburg. Although there were no eyewitnesses, the physical evidence and investigation indicated he had been walking on the sidewalk abutting the street, very close to the curb, or was walking in the roadway adjacent to the curb. He was hit by a commercial truck in the early morning hours before daylight. He died at the scene. Liability was contested by the defense and a lawsuit was filed. The case was later settled at mediation to the satisfaction of his adult children, who were the heirs of the Estate.
  3. Our client was crossing a lighted intersection in the crosswalk in St Petersburg. It was fully daylight and he was crossing with the “walk” sign. Regardless, an approaching driver failed to stop before entering the crosswalk and plowed into him. Our client required surgery for his damaged leg. The case was settled without a lawsuit being filed.
  4. We represented the Estate of an elderly gentleman who died attempting to cross Missouri Avenue in Largo.  Although he was crossing at a lighted intersection and in a crosswalk with the walk signal, the investigation showed the light changed to green for oncoming traffic before he had made it safely across. An approaching driver maintained she did not see him in time and struck him with her car. He was killed. The defense argued the gentleman was partly at fault since he was still in the road when the approaching traffic had a green light. The case was settled for the driver’s policy limits without filing a lawsuit.
  5. Our client was the Estate of a woman who died attempting to cross a busy arterial street at night in Tampa. Although there was median break close by, she was crossing where there was no pedestrian crosswalk. The approaching traffic had the right of way and the speed limit was 45 mph. The circumstances were very similar to a mid-block crossing. The approaching driver said he never saw her and she was killed instantly. The case was settled without a lawsuit on behalf of her adult children.
  6. Our client was crossing a quiet residential street in a suburb of St. Petersburg on a bright clear morning. An approaching driver claimed the morning sun was in his face and failed to see our client or to avoid him. Our client suffered numerous injuries, requiring extensive treatment. The client was pleased with the settlement, which paid his medical bills and provided additional compensation for his pain and suffering.
  7. Our client was a retiree walking to her car in a parking lot when a vehicle suddenly accelerated while backing out of a parking space. She was knocked to the ground and fractured her hip. She was hospitalized for hip surgery followed by a period in a rehabilitation facility. Fortunately, the driver had adequate liability insurance, and our client’s case was settled for an amount which fully compensated her for her injuries and her medical expenses.
  8. Our client was visiting the area from out of state when she was struck by a car in a beach parking lot. The driver stopped while looking for a parking space, and then suddenly put her car into reverse and backed up into our client.  Caught unaware, our client was thrown to the pavement and suffered injuries. After being treated in the emergency room, she returned home and underwent medical treatment in her home state. We were able to settle her case for an amount which compensated her for well above her medical bills.
  9. Our client was walking through a crosswalk on Fort Harrison Avenue in Clearwater when she was struck by a car making an improper left turn. As is common in pedestrian injuries, she suffered direct impact injuries to her leg as well as low back injuries from being thrown to the pavement. She needed surgery and extensive physical therapy. Her case was ultimately settled using both the liability insurance of the driver and our client’s underinsured motorist coverage.
  10. Our client was walking on a sidewalk in a residential neighborhood when she was tripped and thrown to the pavement by a hose being whipped around behind a commercial pest control vehicle. The pest control company had failed to secure the hose before driving away. She required surgery for an upper extremity fracture and underwent extensive rehabilitation. Her case was later settled for an amount that compensated her for the medical expenses as well as her significant pain and suffering.
  11. Our client was crossing a street after exiting her place of work in Sarasota when she was knocked down and thrown by a slow moving car. The driver was making a turn on a narrow street and claimed he never saw her. Our client suffered extensive internal injuries requiring multiple surgeries.  Her case was settled after protracted negotiations. She was able to pay all of her extensive medical bills and get a fresh start.
  12. Our client was a young boy who was playing in the driveway when a relative pulled into the driveway and drove over him. He suffered abdominal injuries and required surgery. Upon his recovery, his case was later settled so that his medical bills were fully paid and money was set aside for him when he turns 18.
  13. Our client was walking in a crosswalk in a tourist destination area when she was hit by someone on a rented scooter. She lived out of state and was transported back to her home, where she had surgery to repair her injured hip. After her rehabilitation was complete, her case was settled for all available insurance. All of her medical bills were paid and she received compensation for all she had been through.
  14. We represented the family of a young man who was struck and killed while attempting to cross Tampa Road in Palm Harbor. The crash happened at night and he was hit by a driver who said he never saw him. The young man was not crossing at a pedestrian intersection or in a heavily lighted portion of the roadway. His case ultimately was settled and his survivors were compensated for their tragic loss.
  15. Our client was customer in a business in St. Petersburg. Another customer inadvertently accelerated and drove through the front of the building, striking our client. Our client was badly injured and needed surgery, as well as weeks of hospitalization and rehabilitation. She was fortunate in that the driver was well-insured and her case was settled for all available insurance coverage.

We Have Successfully Handled Pedestrian Injury Cases in Florida

It is common in many pedestrian injury cases for the defense to make arguments the injured person was partly to blame for their injuries. This is known in Florida as comparative fault. Every percentage of fault they can successfully argue should be placed on the victim will reduce the defendant’s financial responsibility by the same percentage. The injured person’s lawyer must evaluate whether, and to what extent, a jury might agree with the defense and assign some fault on the victim. For example, if it seems likely a jury would believe the victim was partly at fault for crossing mid-block at night rather than at an available crosswalk, or whether the victim was under the influence of alcohol which contributed to the crash, the victim’s lawyer must have the necessary experience in order to factor those issues into the value of the case.  Just because the defense argues comparative fault does not make it so. Your lawyer needs to know whether the defense arguments have any merit or should be rejected. That experience comes only from handling many of these and other cases over many years.   

If you have been injured in a pedestrian crash, or a loved one has been killed as a pedestrian, you need to be able to focus on recovering from your injuries, or from the devastating grief you are experiencing. You need to feel confident you can turn your case over to a lawyer who cares about you. and who has the experience and compassion to work hard on your behalf. We invite you to read our Google reviews posted by our clients who were motivated to share their experience of working with us.

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