A List of Ways to Cut Down on Funeral Costs

Funeral Casket & FlowersWhether your loved one died of natural causes or due to the negligence of another party, planning a funeral can be an overwhelming and expensive undertaking. Unfortunately, when a loved one’s passing takes place out of the blue, often a family has not had time to financially prepare for the expenses of a funeral and memorial service.

Ways To Cut Down on Funeral Costs

  • Request a General Price List (GPL) from a variety of funeral homes to compare prices;
  • Consider cremation which is less expensive compared to cemetery costs in a burial;
  • Shop around for a casket (you are not required to purchase one from the funeral home you are working with);
  • Shop around for cemetery plot rates; and
  • Find creative, inexpensive ways to memorialize your loved one (bulk flowers, create a memorial website).

Since you may not be emotionally ready to handle comparison shopping at this time, working with a friend or relative who can step in and help contact various vendors and help you stay within your budget can be a huge asset. It is also important to know that if your loved one’s passing was the result of the negligence of another, you may be able to recuperate their funeral and burial expenses through filing a Florida wrongful death lawsuit.

Consulting with a wrongful death attorney is the best way to learn what legal options you have available after your loved one’s passing.

Has A Loved One Died Due To The Negligence Of Others?

If your loved one has died due to the negligence of someone else an experienced wrongful death attorney can help you hold them responsible. Contact us online or call our office directly at 727.446.0840 to schedule your free, no obligation consultation.

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