I was Injured Because the Wheelchair Ramp Did Not Meet the Florida Building Codes

Wheelchair Ramp SignThe Americans with Disabilities Act requires that buildings be accessible to people with disabilities. This often means creating wheelchair ramps. The ADA requirements have been incorporated into the Florida Building Code.

Fall accidents can be caused by a wheelchair ramp that does not meet code because of bad design or as a result of poor maintenance. Ramps intended to provide equal access to people with disabilities have, in some instances, turned into a danger to the people they are intended to help, and sometimes cause injuries and fatalities.

Conditions that Make a Wheelchair Ramp Unsafe

A wheelchair ramp is unsafe and in violation of the Florida Building Code if it

  • is too steep,
  • is too narrow,
  • is slippery, uneven, or slopes to the side
  • lacks proper landings
  • lacks a handrail, the handrail is the wrong height or length, or the handrail is loose or improperly installed
  • lacks curbs to prevent wheels rolling off its sides

Getting Help for Wheelchair Accident Injuries

When a ramp is not built to code or maintained in a safe condition and a person is injured as a result, he or she may be entitled to a financial recovery from the owner or operator of the premises to compensate for injury-related damages.

People with disabilities have many challenges without having to deal with injuries caused by negligent construction or maintenance of the properties they visit. Jim Dodson has been helping victims of all kinds of accidents for more than 25 years and understands how difficult life can be for a person with limited mobility.

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