Why You Should Hire a Bike Lawyer Who is a Cyclist

Jim Dodson, Bicycle LawyerThe most common expression by cycling clients when they hire Jim Dodson after a bike crash is a great sense of relief. They know they will be working with a lawyer who understands them and why they love to ride. They feel confident that, as a cyclist himself, Jim and his entire team at Jim Dodson Law in Clearwater, Florida understand the ins and out of road cycling.

They get what it means to cycle, to ride in a pace line, and the reasons why cyclists choose to ride at all. They understand why it isn’t unusual for individuals to cycle100, 200, or 300 miles each week and the profound sense of loss serious cyclists suffer when unable to do so. They understand why riders pay $3000, $6000, or  $12,000 for high-quality bikes and how important those bikes are to them.

Florida Bicycle Lawyer, Jim Dodson has Handled Hundreds of Bike Cases

After handling hundreds of bike cases, Jim and his staff know from a practical  standpoint the questions to ask a bike shop about the need for a frame replacement, even when the damage from a crash is not obvious. They understand why someone chooses to ride at 4:30 in the morning or at 5:00 in the afternoon after work and  why a cyclist may choose to join a bike club, a meet up group, or simply ride solo. They are aware of the risks of riding on the road, why bicycles are not required to be on the sidewalk, and that riding on a sidewalk is actually more dangerous in  many instances.

A law firm that has handled many bicycle accident cases understands that law enforcement officers frequently arrive at the scene of a vehicle versus bicycle collision and begin their investigation with the assumption that the cyclist did something wrong. This extensive experience enables an attorney to look beyond such prejudicial assumptions and advocate expertly for the cyclist’s rights. If a finding in a crash report says the cyclist contributed to the crash, it does not necessarily mean the cyclist cannot have a successful liability claim against the driver. A firm with bicycle accident experience understands why riding as far to the right as practicable does not mean hugging the curb and why it is often safer not to do so.

As a Cyclist and a Bike Lawyer, Jim Understands Bicycle Injury Accidents

A cycling attorney who is a bicycle safety advocate understands why every bicyclist needs to use bright headlights and taillights—even during the day. He or she understands that concussions are common in cycling crashes and will employ extensive professional experience to deal with such injuries. As a result, the attorney will work to help the cycling community better understand new technology built into some of the latest bicycle helmets to mitigate the consequences of concussions.

Attorney Jim Dodson has helped clients in cases when the deck seemed stacked against them. For example, a particular police report suggested an injured cyclist had not been riding in the road at the time a vehicle turned across his path but was riding on the sidewalk and rode directly into the path of a turning vehicle. The reality was that no serious cyclist would ever have ridden on the sidewalk, and we were able to prove it. Further, careful review of the physical evidence at the scene completely supported the client’s position. Consequently, rather than having no case, the driver’s insurance company settled for its policy limits.

A bicycle accident law firm knows that bike versus car crashes may not leave significant evidence of impact damage on the vehicle involved. That fact, however, does not diminish the potential implications of a cyclist being thrown from his or her bicycle at speed and striking the vehicle or the ground with enough force to cause serious injuries—particularly concussions that may not be readily observable.

Have You or Someone You Know Been Injured in a Bicycle Crash?

A bicycle crash is a traumatic event that can result in painful bodily injury to you and the total destruction of your bicycle. Many crash injuries have the potential to change your life, take away the pleasure of riding, require extensive medical treatment, including surgeries, and rack up huge medical bills. Give yourself the best advantage by choosing a law firm that has dealt with hundreds of cycling accidents. You deserve a partner who will listen to your every concern, work to make sure your medical bills are paid, and guide you on the road to your physical and financial recovery.

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