Jim Dodson Declares the Need for Cell Phone Restrictions

Posted on Nov 13, 2012


November 13, 2012

Florida Accident Attorney Declares the Need for Cell Phone Restrictions While Driving

Clearwater, Florida: Jim Dodson, a Florida personal injury attorney, has an emphatic message for the Florida legislature: we must put a stop to drivers using cellular phones while driving on Florida’s roads.

Research suggests that drivers using cell phones are four to six times more likely to be involved in a crash, texting raises the risk by 23 times, and cell phone use is believed to cause more traffic fatalities than drunk driving. The National Safety Council estimates that 24 percent of the nation’s motor vehicle crashes involve cell phone use.

In spite of these shocking statistics, the Florida legislature has repeatedly declined to pass legislation restricting drivers from using cell phones and is one of only eleven states with no restrictions on cell phone use or texting.
Attempts to restrict cell phone use while driving have been repeatedly introduced in the Florida legislature, but have failed to pass for a variety of reasons; it has failed to get traction.

“I’m a firm believer in preserving personal freedoms,” Jim Dodson explains, “but one person’s freedom ends where it imposes on that of another. When a behavior endangers the life and health of others, it needs to be stopped. Cell phone use while behind the wheel has become a serious public safety concern in Florida as in the rest of the country. Cell phone use and texting and driving are a greater danger than drinking and driving and it needs to stop. This is about saving lives.”

Just last week a man was killed and traffic brought to a virtual standstill on Interstate 75 in Southwest Florida for the better part of a day when a teenage driver bent over to pick up a dropped cell phone and lost control of the SUV she was driving, causing the fatal three-vehicle crash.

Dodson urges Florida voters to contact their state senators and representatives and request that they support legislation to reduce preventable distracted driving deaths by limiting the use of cell phones while driving.
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