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Pedestrian Accident Attorney ClearwaterEvery day in cities across Florida pedestrians risk their lives while crossing the street. On average, 28 pedestrians are hit by cars each year on Pinellas County roads alone. Too many drivers are distracted and innocent people are being run down. If you are reading this, chances are you or a family member has been hit by a car and seriously injured or tragically killed in yet another pedestrian accident if so contact us to speak to an experienced pedestrian accident attorney.

The harsh reality is drivers cause over 8,000 pedestrian injuries and deaths each year in Florida, half of which are caused by drunk or impaired drivers. Who would think the simple act of crossing the road could be a life changing event?

Injuries Suffered by a Pedestrian Hit by a Car

We have handled many cases in which pedestrian car collisions have caused catastrophic injuries such as concussion or traumatic brain injury, which are a common result due to the exposed nature of the head.

Common Injuries

Broken bones and fractures of the hip, pelvis, legs, arms, shoulders, ankles, knees, back or neck occur just as frequently as brain injury. These can require surgery to repair the bones and months of rehabilitation before the pedestrian is even close to their normal self.

In the worst cases, the pedestrian may suffer from permanent brain damage, spinal cord damage, coma or death. The law becomes more complicated when you lose a loved one and speaking to an attorney about your rights is even more crucial.

Whatever your injuries may be, recovery is the most important thing on your mind. But how do you focus on recovering when you need answers and are unsure of what your options are?

Do You Have Questions About Pedestrian Accidents?

  • What insurance is going to pay my medical bills?
  • I’m unable to work. Will the insurance pay my lost wages?
  • The driver who hit me has no insurance; what do I do?
  • The police officer said I’m partly at fault, am I out of luck?
  • I don’t know if I need to speak to a lawyer. Can I even afford a specialized pedestrian accident attorney?
  • The insurance company called and asked me to sign a few forms, should I?
  • My loved one was killed by a car. What can I do for our family?

If you're asking yourself any of these questions, we're here and ready to help.

Children Are at a High Risk of Pedestrian Accidents

It's extremely tragic when a child is injured in any type of accident. The devastation that parents go through is unimaginable and it most often comes without any warning. Pedestrian accidents are no different and they can occur in so many ways. Some of the most common ways are when children are getting off the school bus or walking through a school crossing or crosswalk. They are often injured in parking lots and when vehicles are backing up because they aren't easily seen. And, as all kids love to do they can be injured while playing outside. We have seen cases where a child has been hit playing in a driveway or running across the street to chase a ball or a pet.

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