Support for Families Who Have Lost a Loved One from Clearwater Wrongful Death Lawyer Jim Dodson

Have You Lost a Loved One in One of the Following Ways?

Different types of cases our wrongful death lawyer has handled:

  • Wrongful DeathHit by a car while driving
  • Struck by a motor vehicle while walking
  • Hit by a drunk driver
  • Killed while riding a bicycle
  • Slipped and fell on a dangerous condition
  • Died as a result of medical negligence in diagnosis or treatment

A wrongful death is any death that is caused by another person’s careless, dangerous or reckless act. It can happen in a car accident, pedestrian accident, bicycle crash, motorcycle collision, slip and fall or as a result of medical malpractice.

See Mary Ann's Testimonial After the Death of Her Brother

When you work with us, we are a team. Here is what a recent client said about her experience with Jim Dodson, an experienced wrongful death attorney…

"My brother was struck and killed by a car on Ulmerton Road, and being in the state of mind that I was when this happened to him, I really didn’t know where to turn or what to do. I felt as though I needed some help.

I called the office. We had a conversation. Jim immediately lifted the burden from me of what I needed to do at this time. From that point forward, everything was handled in a very smooth manner. I didn’t have any worries. I completely had faith in what was happening, that he had my best interest at heart…

I doubt that I even would have thought about the legal things until my mind was clear, and knowing that it was being taken care of was really good because I had enough to take care of just with my own physical and mental stability…

You can view Mary Ann’s full video testimonial here.

Wrongful Death LawyerOur Wrongful Death Lawyer Is Dedicated to Helping Families 

When you lose someone you love you are surely dealing with emotional trauma. We understand the other burdens of loss such as medical bills, funeral expenses, probating an estate, property loss; the list goes on. It can feel like you are in a whirlwind, particularly if you are left with all the responsibility. As survivor you may have the right under Florida law to be compensated for your loss.

How Our Lawyers will Handle Your Wrongful Death Case

Our wrongful death lawyers help grieving loved ones get back on their feet, emotionally and financially. Our experienced team understands that every family and each survivor’s loss is unique.

We will thoroughly examine your situation and guide you every step along the way and take care of your legal concerns. We will give you our best advice and help you with any decisions you need to make.

We understand you have experienced a life-altering loss. Knowing that your family member’s death could have been prevented if someone had just been more cautious or responsible makes the situation harder to deal with. Although we cannot change the past, were here to take the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on you and your family’s needs and the process of recovery.

The last thing you should have to worry about is the financial burden of hiring an attorney. When you hire Jim Dodson Law you will never write a personal check to us, you will only receive a check. We are paid an agreed upon percentage of your settlement. Simply put, we are paid only when your case is settled and we get money for you.

Wrongful Death ClearwaterJustice for the Families of Fatal Accident Victims

Florida law outlines who may recover under the Wrongful Death Act. However, determining exactly which survivors have a claim can be complicated and requires detailed knowledge of the Florida laws. Not all of the survivors will be eligible to recover damages in every case because of how the law is structured. Rights vary, for example, between a death in a car accident and a death as a result of medical malpractice.

Spouses, children, parents, blood and adoptive relatives may recover for their pain and suffering associated with the loss of their loved one. This includes loss of love, protection and companionship, loss of parental companionship, instruction and guidance. Jim has the experience to identify and protect your rights regardless of your relationship with the person who died.

Beyond the emotional losses, we understand you may have lost the financial support of your loved one. This could include the value of any household services the deceased person would have provided in the future, financial support the survivor would have received from your deceased loved one. Compensation to cover medical bills and funeral expenses are also available to the surviving loved ones.

Our Wrongful Death Lawyer has Offices Throughout Florida to Help You Wherever You Are

We are here to help you through your difficult situations and make sure you are represented how you should be—in the best way possible. For a free, no-obligation consultation with Clearwater wrongful death lawyer Jim Dodson, give us a call today at 888-815-6398.

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