Do You Need To Speak With A Florida Accident Injury Lawyer?

Jim Dodson Law, a Clearwater Personal Injury law firm represents the victims of all serious accident injury cases including: motorcycle accidents, truck collisions, low speed vehicle injuries, moped accidents, accidents involving scooters and razors, golf cart accidents and all child injury accidents.

Cases Our Accident Injury Lawyer Represents

Accident Injury

Motorcycle Accidents

Clearwater Motorcycle Accident attorney, Jim Dodson, is experienced in handling all serious personal injuries suffered in motorcycle collisions and in the representation of families whose loved one was killed in a bike crash.

Truck Accidents

Jim Dodson Law, a Clearwater truck accident law firm, represents victims of serious accidents involving all types of trucks including: 18 wheelers, delivery trucks, commercial and box trucks, utility trucks and pick up trucks.

Other Vehicle Accidents

Jim Dodson, Clearwater Vehicle Accident attorney handles other vehicle accidents including: golf cart accidents, injuries from low speed vehicles, such as mopeds, all terrain vehicles (ATV) and neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV) and all accidents and injuries suffered while riding a scooter or razor.

Child Injuries

Jim Dodson Law, a Clearwater Child Injury law firm represents families of children injured in car accidents, falls, daycare injuries, injuries in a pool or drowning accident, dog bites, medical malpractice, burn and fireworks injuries, pedestrian and bicycle accidents and scooter and razor accidents. Jim Dodson is the author of the book, When Kids Suffer Big Injuries, available to Florida residents at no cost on his website.

Do You Need To Speak To A Florida Accident Injury Lawyer?

Often someone who’s been injured in an accident quickly hires the first lawyer they see on a billboard or TV advertisement with little thought to the background of who they’ve trusted to handle their case. Hiring a lawyer is an important decision. Choosing the wrong lawyer can hurt your accident injury case before you even get started. Knowledge is power! Ask these questions first to be sure you are hiring the best lawyer for your case. We invite you to learn more about our firm and who will represent you. We also invite you to read what our clients and other lawyers have to say about us.

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