Can I Settle My Florida Car Accident Case Without a Lawyer?

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Maybe You Can.

Many injured victims in Florida successfully handle their own injury claim everyday. I can't tell you to settle your case on your own, but I will say you absolutely should think about doing it if:

- Your car was only slightly damaged
- You saw a doctor for just a few weeks
- Your medical bills were paid for by your no fault insurance
- You have completely recovered and don't need any future treatment

Also Keep in Mind
If lawyers are telling you that they won't take your case, that's a pretty good sign you should think about settling on your own.

If, However
- You are really hurt
- Your car was totaled or badly damaged
- Your PIP has been used up, you need surgery or you are still seeing doctors
- The driver who hit you was clearly at fault
- And you're still thinking of going it alone, here's a suggestion.

This free report, 29 Sure-Fire Tips to Settling Your Car Accident Case on Your Own, outlines each of the steps that need to be done to settle a car injury claim on your own. These are the things an experienced car accident attorney does every day. Fill out the form below to download this free report.

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