Free eBook: Buying the Right Car Insurance to Protect Yourself From Florida Drivers

A Free eBook on Buying Car Insurance in Florida

Jim Dodson, a Clearwater, Florida personal injury lawyer talks to people every day who are learning the hard way that their insurance agent sold them coverage that fails to cover them in many common types of collisions. Do you know what coverage you have and what coverage you need to protect yourself from dangerous drivers in Florida? Get Jim's free comprehensive guide to buying car insurance based on over twenty years of experience as a personal injury lawyer in Florida, dealing with people whose lives have been shattered by car crashes.

Jim simplifies the process of buying the right insurance and explains in clear terms what kinds of car insurance you need and why you can't afford to be without it. Learn the harsh truth about car insurance from someone who doesn't sell it, but sees the unhappy results when the unexpected happens to drivers without the proper coverage.

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A Florida injury lawyer, family man and avid cyclist who clients have trusted for over 25 years.