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What To Do After Your Florida Fall Accident | Free Book

When you've been injured in a fall in Florida the immediate decisions you make are the most important to the outcome of your case. Slip, trip and fall injuries are often caused by a property owner'€™s negligence. As a fall injury attorney, Jim Dodson has seen accidents from unsafe conditions result in serious injuries and cause major medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

In this easy-to-read book, Jim shares knowledge from over twenty years experience exclusively representing clients injured in all types of personal injury and accident claims including slips, trips, and falls. Before you do anything else, read this very informative accident guide, Dangerous Trips to Avoid in Your Fall Case. Find out if you have an injury claim and what you should do to avoid hurting your case.

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Jim Dodson
A Florida injury lawyer, family man and avid cyclist who clients have trusted for over 25 years.