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As an avid cyclist and Florida bicycle attorney, I know firsthand the dangers cyclists face on our roads. When clients call after a crash, I know the issues. I’ve represented injured cyclists throughout Florida in all types of crashes.

The Florida Bike eMagazine was created for cyclists who are looking for interesting and helpful information about Florida cycling. In it, you’ll find resources on how to protect yourself while riding by carrying the right car insurance (that’s right it protects you on your bike as well); in addition to the latest safety equipment, product reviews, bicycle shops and consumer guides I’ve written; as well as answers to commonly asked questions like:

  • What do you do when there's no eyewitness to your bike crash?
  • Is your carbon frame safe after a cycling collision?
  • What steps should you take if you were injured by a dog while riding your bicycle?
  • Why should you hire a cycling injury lawyer if you've been in an crash?

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