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Information You Need After a Florida Car Accident

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No one ever thinks they’ll be in a car crash. But, everyday all types of accidents happen and your life is thrown into a tailspin. Suddenly, you have unanswered questions and face uncertainty. You were hurt and can't work, now medical bills are coming in and a representative from the insurance company has called - should you talk to them? When the worst happens, where do you turn for help?

Get help from someone who has the experience and professional knowledge to guide you. Jim Dodson has represented thousands of injured victims over the years. In his eBook, Five Mistakes that Can Wreck Your Florida Accident Case, he provides an eye-opening look at the well thought out plan the insurance company executes the moment your claim is reported in an all out effort to reduce what you may be entitled to receive.

Too many mistakes are made after a serious car crash... you’re entitled to all your claim is worth – not less! Become informed – avoid insurance company tricks and traps! In his eBook, Jim teaches you all you need to know - before you talk to a claims adjuster, sign a medical authorization form, or speak to a lawyer.

This eBook will help you:

  • Know and avoid mistakes that can ruin your case
  • Be prepared for insurance company tricks and traps
  • Deal successfully with claims adjusters
  • Determine the value of your case
  • Get the most $$$ for your recovery
  • Decide if you need a personal injury attorney
  • Find the best Florida personal injury attorney for your case

Take advantage of Jim's down-to-earth advice. Learn what you need to do right now and you will protect your case from the very start.

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