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The decisions you make after a pedestrian collision can be the most important decisions of your life. The Florida Pedestrian Accident Guide answers the most common questions someone should know after a pedestrian collision.

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1. What should you do immediately after a pedestrian collision?
2. What insurance will pay your medical bills and lost wages?
3. Why should you not trust the insurance company?
4. How can you recover even if you were partly to blame for the collision?
5. Do you need to hire a pedestrian accident attorney for your case?
6. If you do need a lawyer, how do you find the best one?

Pedestrian traffic accidents and fatalities have become a dangerous epidemic in Florida. When a pedestrian is hurt in a collision, the injuries are often very serious and many times, fatal. I am committed to holding careless drivers responsible for the serious harm they cause to Florida pedestrians and their loved ones. - Jim Dodson

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