Free Download of "The Ultimate Florida eBike Buyer's Guide"

Free Download: The Ultimate Florida eBike Buyer's Guide

"The Ultimate Florida eBike Buyer’s Guide"

At Jim Dodson Law, we know that you want to find the eBike that’s right for you. In order to do that you want to make as informed of a decision as possible.

The problem is there are thousands of eBikes available. All with different features you may not need or understand which can be overwhelming.

We believe that everyone should have the best information available when deciding the perfect ebike for their needs.

We understand this can be a big financial commitment, which is why The Florida Bike Guy and his team are here to help.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download a free copy of our "The Ultimate Florida eBike Buyer’s Guide"
  2. Pick out a few e-bikes that appeal to you and test drive them
  3. Enjoy being on the cutting edge of transportation with a new ebike you can be confident in

So, get ready to be the proud owner of an electric bicycle. In the meantime, make sure to download our "The Ultimate Florida eBike Buyer's Guide" to begin the process of finding the e-bike that is the right fit for you.

What is in "The Ultimate Florida eBike Buyer’s Guide?"

There are hundreds of electric bikes on the market, possibly thousands, both foreign and domestic. We want to help you narrow your choices by explaining the basics of eBikes, some pros and cons of the various equipment options and by providing a sampling of bikes to give you a strong idea of what to look for in your search for an e-bike that fits your needs.

In "The Ultimate Florida eBike Buyer’s Guide," 2021 edition, we look at dozens of quality eBikes available to help you narrow down your specific needs. Each edition of the guide will contain additional bikes, as we sort through and analyze new options available.

While we can’t tell you which e-bike is best, and we definitely can’t tell you which e-bike is perfect for you, we can provide information and reviews from some of the most reliable sources in the industry to help you decide.

The guide also includes an overview of the equipment choices you will have. From motor styles, to brakes, weight, and speed class, "The Ultimate Florida eBike Buyer's Guide" will break down the pros, cons and uses of each to help you understand the features you want when purchasing your electric bike. In addition, the guide contains an introduction from "The Florida Bike Guy," Jim Dodson.

Who Is “The Florida Bike Guy?”

Known by his fellow cyclists and cycling clubs as “The Florida Bike Guy,” Jim Dodson is an avid cyclist, safe cycling advocate, and an attorney who has been representing injured cyclists for nearly a decade. Jim is frequently asked to present safety education programs to bike clubs across the state of Florida on topics such as bike safety, carrying the right insurance, and the best practices for cyclists to protect themselves on roads dominated by fast-moving vehicles.

When Jim first heard about e-bikes, he knew that his experience, both personally and through his clients, would be invaluable in both assisting cyclists who have been injured riding e-bikes, and in helping people choose the eBike that fits their needs.

What are the Most Important Features on an eBike?

"The Ultimate Florida eBike Buyer’s Guide" also helps you understand the options and features you should be considering when looking for a new ebike. Each person is unique and the guide will not tell you what features are the best, but rather, which features are available and why you may want to consider them.

The guide will help explain things such as:

  • Why you should consider a hub drive motor if they want the best ebike for steep hills
  • Why it is important to consider a long lasting battery life when looking for the best ebike for commuting
  • Why tire size is an important consideration when selecting the best ebike for going off-road
  • And much more!

Quality and Support

Our goal is to help you find an electric bicycle that has the features you need, at a price you love. All the bikes included in the guide are either made in the United States or made outside of the United States but which have local dealerships. This avoids every cyclist’s worst nightmare: when you can’t find the part you need or can’t reach someone to help you when you are in need.

No matter which e-bike you choose, you will want one with high quality craftsmanship and a strong service network. This network will enable you to get the parts and service you need to safely enjoy your e-bike for the longest possible time period.


How do eBikes work?

An eBike runs off an electric motor which can provide additional speed while the rider pedals and/or allow the bike to run with little or no effort for the rider.

Is an eBike right for me?

While we can’t say if an eBike is right for everyone, over 400,000 electric bikes were sold in the United States last year alone, more than Tesla cars! If you love being outside, making a choice that’s good for the environment, or just avoiding traffic, then an e-bike could be the perfect option for you.

What is the best eBike?

There is no “one size fits all” for the best ebike. Each ebike has specialized features that makes that bike unique. What is the best e-bike for one person may not suit the needs of someone else.

What brands of eBikes are in the guide?

This guide contains bikes from many of the top manufacturers, such as Trek, Lectric and many more.

When will you put [certain electric bike] in the guide?

The process of adding bikes to the guide can be quite difficult. While we won’t bore you with the details, our first edition will contain 26 quality e-bikes. Each edition will contain additional e-bikes as we continue searching through the many available bikes. Thankfully, when you receive your guide, we will automatically update you with each new addition.

How fast do eBikes go?

This guide looks at Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 electric bikes. The speeds, benefits, and costs of each are discussed at length in the guide. 

What is the best ebike for under $1,000?

That’s up to you! The guide contains several quality ebikes under $1,000 with an array of features.

Can I modify a normal bike into an ebike?

For your safety, please don’t modify a bicycle into an electric bicycle unless you are a qualified specialist.

How do I buy an ebike?

For some, buying online is the best option. For others, working with a certified ebike dealer might be a better choice. The guide discusses some of the advantages of working with a dealer.

Jim Dodson Law does not guarantee the accuracy of the information, either pricing or technical specifications. Every effort has been taken to acquire the most up-to-date and accurate information for this guide. Nothing in this guide is a warranty of any kind. All of the information contained in the guide is the best information available at the time of the reports and reviews listed in the guide. The decision to purchase an ebike and which ebike to purchase is an individual decision that should only be made after due and careful consideration.


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