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Jim Dodson Law's Cycling Collision Card

If you've been in a car crash you probably know the things you need to gather from the other driver: driver's name, contact info, license plate number, etc. It's no different if you've been in a bicycle collision. So why not carry this convenient wallet-sized Cycling Collision Card around while you're cycling.

It's a good idea for every cyclist to carry this with them when riding on the road. You never want to think the worse can happen, but if it does you can be prepared.

It's understandable for a cyclist to be shook up after a crash t and often times there's a rush of adrenaline that can hide the injuries at first. In many cases, it won't be until the next day or even later that a cyclist realizes they are hurt. This is why it's important to gather all the information you can from the driver that hit you.

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Get Your Free Cycling Collision Card

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