Nominate a Child to Win Our Monthly Bikes for Kids Giveaway!

The Florida Bike Guy’s Monthly Bikes for Kids Giveaway

Due to the global bicycle shortage, we will not be able to have Bikes for Kids 2021. If you nominated a child in 2021, we will keep their name for our Bikes for Kids 2022.

Do you know a child who you feel deserves their first bicycle? Or maybe you know a child whose bike is about to fall apart but their family cannot afford to purchase a new bicycle right now. Nominate them to win our monthly Bikes for Kids Giveaway! 

Each month we will be picking one lucky child to not only win a shiny new bicycle but they will also be awarded a brand new bike safety helmet fitted by our certified helmet fitter. Help us to nominate the deserving child you know by simply filling out the information on the form listed below. After we receive your nomination, Kati from our office will reach out to you to get more information about the child you are nominating to make sure the little cyclist the best custom-fitted bicycle & new bike helmet possible. Finally, we will schedule a date, time and a local bike shop where we’ll meet you to present a brand new bike and bike safety helmet to the child you nominated to be our winner! 

We look forward to awarding the child you are nominating soon!


Nominate a Child for Our Bike Giveaway

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