We Pay Co-counsel Fees to Referring Florida Lawyers

We deeply value the trust placed in us by our wide network of attorneys who refer their clients, family and friends after a serious injury.

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In Addition to Helping Our Own Clients, We Welcome Referrals From:

  • Florida lawyers who do not practice personal injury law and need someone they trust for referral of an injured client or contact;
  • Florida lawyers who occasionally handle an injury case but don’t have the experience to handle serious injury claims;
  • Out-of-state lawyers* with clients, family members or friends who were injured in Florida. 
    *The Florida Bar Rules permit the sharing of contingent fees with attorneys licensed to practice in the home state of the client. The fee division must comply with Rule 4-1.5. See Florida Bar Opinion 90-8 for further explanation.

Attorneys Trust Our Proven Results

Our referring lawyers trust us with referrals based on our years of proven results and satisfied referral clients. They appreciate the level of service we provide not only to them, but to each client they refer.

If you are a Florida lawyer, we are able to have you sign as co-counsel and receive a referral fee. We always put these agreements in writing, so you know exactly what to expect after settlement or trial.

Benefits You Will Enjoy as One of Our Referral Partners

We take the guesswork and uncertainty out of referring your client, family member or friend. We honor our commitments. We provide each of our Referral Partners with the same level of attention and service they expect us to provide to our clients.

As One of Our Referral Partners

  • You will receive a personal note or a phone call from Jim notifying you the potential client has contacted us and whether we are setting an appointment.
  • You will never have a client call you complaining we did not return their phone call.
  • You will receive a fee agreement to sign immediately upon our being retained.
  • You will always have the same person as your point of contact for information.
  • You will receive written status updates every 60 days.
  • Your referral fee will be mailed the same day we disperse our fee.
  • You will receive a statement reflecting actual disbursements of all settlement proceeds.
  • You will be remembered when our clients and friends need your services.
  • You will receive a copy of our popular firm newsletter each month.
  • You will have access to Jim to discuss marketing questions for your own firm.

What if the Potential Client Doesn’t Live Near Our Main Office? No Problem

Because of our strong internet presence we routinely represent clients throughout Florida. We have ten satellite offices for appointments only in order to make it convenient for clients to meet with us. We will gladly meet clients in their home, hospital or rehab facility when it’s better for them.

You should never feel reluctant to call us about a potential referral simply because the client lives in another part of the state.

Call or Email Us Anytime to Discuss a Potential Referral

We understand you are probably not an expert in evaluating a potential personal injury case. Don’t feel like you need to be one. Just give us the basic information about the case so that we can tell you whether it sounds like something worthwhile to have the potential client call and discuss with us. We’ll take it from there. We will let you know right away what we decide.

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A Florida injury lawyer, family man and avid cyclist who clients have trusted for over 25 years.