Jim Made Me Feel Comfortable By Understanding My Situation

I’m headed South on a four lane boulevard and I have the right of way and I see a car approaching to the right in front of me and he stopped at a stop sign. I keep my eye on him. The window is tinted so I couldn’t catch his eyes and sure enough as I started passing him, he accelerated in front of me. I veered to my left into what could have been more traffic from behind but I was lucky and there was no traffic. He still hit me on my right side and I ended up on the pavement right next to his left front wheel.

I went to the emergency room where I was treated and had x-rays everywhere and it turned out I hadn’t broken anything but I had deeply bruised my side. It probably took another week after the accident before I realized that my hip was giving me the most problems. Although, initially I didn’t feel the pain it was my hip where the driver actually hit me.

I called my local riding club and they recommended Jim Dodson Law and so it seemed like a good idea to call an attorney that had expertise in bicycle accident injuries. Jim made me feel real comfortable by understanding my situation. He explained to me what the procedure would be like. I was very happy with the settlement and I felt I was very well taken care of.

If you’re a cyclist and you have an accident, I would highly recommend that you talk to an attorney. And, I would recommend that you talk to Jim Dodson.

Each case is different and past results do not necessarily indicate future results.

John Rademaker