I Read Your articles in the Florida Freewheelers Newsletters and Really Enjoy Them

Every month I read your articles in the Florida Freewheelers newsletters and have really enjoyed them. The August/2016 issue was particularly interesting for me. Little did I know that in October of this year after a hard 48 mile "B" ride that I would be diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis. Your article was well written and described exactly what happened to me.

I wanted to pass this information to you on how the Veterans Administration is treating me. They have prescribed Coumadin, 800 mg of Ibuprofen and 500 mg of methocarbamol. The Physicians detected the Deep Vein Thrombosis by performing a Venus Doppler Scan on my left calf muscle just below the left knee.

Lastly, the Physicians told me that if I had not sought treatment for this condition it could have become a life threatening condition. At 68 years of age that was a very sober moment for me. Again "Thank You" for the article and I will continue to read your words of wisdom every month.

Each case is different and past results do not necessarily indicate future results.


Herb, Casselberry